Marines Need YOUR Help

Marines Need Your Help

Actions of course always ALWAYS speak louder than words. If you can find it in your day please send them a box or even a letter to just let them know we have not forgotten them and that we hold them in the highest place of honor. 3/25 will probably be in Iraq until October. It takes about two weeks for mail to get to them.

The date for mail delivery cutoff is currently posted at August 14. That gives all of us a little less than a week to mail a card, a package...something...ANYTHING to let these guys know that we are with them in spirit and that our thoughts and prayers are behind them. Thirty seven cents isn't too much to ask of any of us, is it? Or, for those of us with a little more pocket change, you can pick up a flat rate box at the post office and ship anything and everything you can stuff in there for less than $8.

It really isn't too much to ask of ANY of us...regardless of your stance on this war, this administration...is it?

h/t BlackFive


- hfs

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