Prayers for my Grama, please

Grama lives just outside of Biloxi, Mississippi. Hurricane Katrina is bearing down on New Orleans and the gulf shores as I type. It's too late to get Grama out so she's staying put. Her building (retirement apartment) is tall, strong, and has been through this before (Betsy in '65 and Camille in '69) so I'm pretty sure they will be safe for the duration of the storm. My biggest worry is the aftermath - food, water, necessities, etc. Tornadoes are also a concern during the storm, especially since she is on the eastern side of the storm.

Any prayers would be appreciated. She's a tough woman (ornery too) but I still worry.



- hfs

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Anonymous said...

Someone has setup a website to support the brave people of New Orleans at www.supportneworleans.com. Visit and show your support today!


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