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I thought I had posted this but obviously hadn't. So here it is...another chance for us to help. Another chance for us to put our money where our mouths are. If you care about the troops, PROVE IT.

The alert comes from Blackfive and reads as follows :

*radio static cuts out*

ATTENTION ON THE NET, This is Blackfive.


Time to rally everyone. Lefties, Righties, and those Centrists who care about the troops need to get the word about how to help the wounded troops...

How do you communicate through electronic means if you are wounded and unable to type?

Project "Valour IT" is born of an idea from wounded Captain, Chuck Ziegenfuss, and is now operational. We need your help getting computers and voice-activated software to the soldiers who need it.

The OpOrd comes from Bill at Castle Argghhh! and reads as follows :

Copy 1 of 1 copy
HQ, TF Fusileer
Castle ARGGHHH!!!

OPERATION ORDER 1: Project “Valour IT”

Time Zone: Romeo
TF Fusileer


a. With the continued use of mines and IED as terrorist weapons-of-choice in Iraq and, to a lesser extent, Afghanistan, we will continue to see troops suffering blast/burn injuries arriving at the military hospitals of Landstuhl, Walter Reed (Army) and Bethesda (Naval). Many of these injuries are to the hands and arms.

b. Previous generations of soldiers were connected to their families by mail, and in past wars, volunteers from the Red Cross, local schools and Veterans’ Organizations would visit the wards and offer to write letters for those unable to do so. This generation of soldiers is electronically connected by e-mail, chat and Instant Message, and more than a few are bloggers.

c. In previous wars, letters from the troops remained private affairs. By their very nature, they were difficult to share beyond the family circle, unless a family member passed one to the local newspaper for reprinting. Usually, the information within did not pass beyond a few friends. In this war, e-mails routinely travel to multiple recipients, and chats and blogs are open to anyone with online access. And Red Cross volunteers are fewer. And schools are now in the business of sheltering their charges from the sights within military hospitals. And computer access – either PC or laptop – is limited in a military hospital because they don’t have the luxury of unused space suitable for an internet cafĂ© operation. And there’s the matter of shattered hands. Of missing hands…

d. Voice-activated computers exist. Voice-to-text software exists. However, the people who need them don’t have them – with the exception of the inspiration for Project Valour IT, Captain Chuck Ziegenfuss of TCOverride. His wife, Carren, describes its use a bit here.


a. To raise funds which will be used for the purchase of computers and software which will provide computer accessibility to veterans with injuries that temporarily or permanently prevent them from using a conventionally-equipped computer and

b. To teach the recipients how to use both effectively.


a. Dirt simple. Soldiers’ Angels and Fuzzybear Lioness are the impetus and the trench-fighters in this dust-up; we’re Combat Support/Combat Service Support. A few of us will be Combat Combat Support. More on that aspect when I get specifics.

b. The initial push starts when you’ve finished reading this. Yesterday’s WARNO described what our industry allies are providing. They’ve slashed their usual prices, but the items aren’t free. Give what you can and talk the Project up with friends and family, because we are in this for the duration, troops.

c. When you visit Soldiers’ Angels, tell them you’re “Reporting As Ordered.” Even though John’s not back yet, he *did* make the commitment, and that catchphrase will remind them the Castle keeps faith…


a. Fuzzybear Lioness has PIO releases for all who ask. You know where she lives.

b. Bloggers, if you need a link or a mention-in-post for something you’ve got going involving the Project, shoot me a gmail with details.

c. Denizens, Denizennes and Visitors, if you’re planning a Project event and want the world to know about it, do the same. I’ve been told I can write with a modicum of flair when I put my mind to it, usually between midnight and three-in-the-morning…


a. Fuzzybear Lioness has the controls.

b. Fusileers, to the fray!

Acting Commandant

For more information, go HERE

To make a donation, go HERE and click on the "Make Donation" button. Every little bit helps.


- hfs

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