Still no word from Grama...

Ocean Springs seems to have been spared the brunt of the damage though, from what I can tell, there is some. I just about fell apart last night/this morning when I finally gave up on sleep (somewhere around 4am) and turned on the news, only to see that Katrina had veered right and was slamming in to Gulfport.

I tried calling her this AM but the lines are down (no surprise). I'm hoping that - as it is in the military - no news is good news. A friend of the family is a sheriff in the area and I"m sure he has at least made sure that the building she is in is still standing.

But man, I wish she weren't there. However I am relieved that New Orleans was spared - what a blessing that was.

If anyone has any first hand knowledge of the Ocean Springs area and any damage sustained there, e-mail me : homefrontsix @ yahoo.com (no spaces).



- hfs

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