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Cool Blue Blog's Project Valour-IT post

So the Fusileers have been promoting this endeavor by Soldier's Angels for over a week now and what have we got to show for it?

Glad you asked.
We have raised over $7500 (not including checks from this week)
10 Laptops, software and bags on the way to Bethesda (4 will be passed on to Walter Reed)

But it ain't enough people. The Soldier's Angel's goal is to raise $600,000 for full implementation which is 150 laptops in every military medical center.

Now, now calm down. You're not alone we have some corporate sponsors too. But, neither they, nor you can do it alone.

Everyone has to pull together to support those who have sacrified greatly for us. So please donate what you can by clicking here.

Thanks and let's roll!

Go and read - it's a great post and the links are there for you to explore. Pop on over to the Project Valour IT website and see what you can do to help!


- hfs

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