I am an Alaska resident. And I'm usually proud of that fact. McGyver and I truly enjoyed our time in Alaska, our daughter was born there, and we plan to return some day (sooner, rather than later if the Army cooperates).

But today, I am embarrassed. I am ashamed of my state - well, of my Congressman, Don Young.

via the Kansas City Star :

“Kiss my ear!” Rep. Don Young, an Alaska Republican, told a Fairbanks newspaper reporter when asked whether he would return the $223 million he “earmarked” for a bridge so that residents of Ketchikan won’t have to pay $6 to ride a ferry to get to the airport. Young is chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

That's lovely.

It has been suggested that Congress revisit the Highway Bill and cancel some (or all) of the $25 BILLION in 'earmarks' (i.e. PORK) as a way to help offset the cost of helping the gulf states recover from Hurricane Katrina.

via The Wall Street Journal
The idea of a pork-for-reconstruction swap had already been denounced as "moronic" by a spokesman for Don Young of Alaska, Chairman of the House Transportation Committee and proud father of the now-infamous $223 million "bridge to nowhere" near Ketchikan.

Alaska is currently 5th in terms of pork projects - behind states such as Texas, Michigan, West Virginia, and Arizona. The estimated cost of the recovery effort down in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi is sitting at about $200 Billion. And, unless we start trimming some fat from SOMEWHERE, guess who will be shouldering the tab for this?

You. And me.


I am getting ready to call Rep. Young's Washington office as soon as I am done typing this out. I'll post the results of the conversation when I'm done. In the meantime, head on over to N.Z. Bear's website The Truth Laid Bear and check out what pork YOUR state could stand to trim and then call YOUR Congressmen.

edited to add : I just spoke with a receptionist at Rep. Young's office who took my message (but not my name and/or phone number). He didn't seem too thrilled with what I had to say but I'll be calling back tomorrow to try again. I'd like to hear back from the Congressman - I *did* vote for him. Maybe next time I'll vote for someone a little more fiscally responsible.


- hfs

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