Four years ago today

Four years ago today, right about this time, I was sitting in our rocker in the living room, trying to breathe through my contractions. I was also trying not to sob at the images of 9/11 that were on the TV but that was hard to do. It was a sureal time - lots of joy, lots of anticipation, lots of pain (physical and emotional).

I cannot believe it has been FOUR years! My baby girl has gone from a tiny little infant to a wonderful, beautiful 4 year old girl! Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure this is all real (and sometimes, the reality smacks me upside my head).

I can only hope that the next 4 years are as fun, as wonderful, and as fascinating as these first four have been. I love you, baby girl, like nothing else in this world.

Happy Birthday!

all my love,

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