Shifting in to high gear

All of a sudden, even though it still *FEELS* like summer, life has picked up the pace. Not exactly sure how that happened but it has.

I started my final semester of classes - just 2 this time (see, I am capable of learning the lessons life tries to teach me...kind of...) : "Addiction and the Family" and "Health Program Design and Evaluation". Both are 3 credit classes and, though somewhat time and reading intensive, they are not going to be taxing on my brain. After I wrap up these two classes, I will be able to be credentialled in just about any state for Health Education. Woohoo!!!

I have also stepped up my involvement with Project Valour-IT. Just as the project was picking up steam, in terms of fundraising, Hurricane Katrina hit and pretty much stopped the fundraising efforts in their tracks. This coming Friday/Saturday I'll be attending the Joint Spouses' Conference and speaking to attendees about the project. Next week, I will be briefing the SIMs group (spouse information meeting - a meeting of the heads of all of the Family Readiness Groups and other family resources on post) about the project. In October I'll be heading to Colorado to attend a convention for which I will be writing an article on the project as well. *whew*

McGyver's unit is attempting to establish a unit-level Family Readiness Group. Our first duty station, Alaska, had a unit-level FRG but I guess they are a rarity with most FRGs being batallion level. Can't say I am a fan of the batallion level FRG - just a little too impersonal for my tastes. Alaska spoiled me. Anyway, I'm getting involved with that as well.

Then there is Princess Trouble's school - I'm one of the "room moms". Not much involved in that but it's one more thing to add to the list. As is my job which is currently on hold but will start back up in early 2006 when my transferees start to arrive on the island. Luckily, by then, school will be over.

Oh, yeah...and somewhere in the not-so-distant future, we'll be heading to Alaska for our "maintain the residency" visit. We're trying to do it as cheaply as possible so we'll be attempting our very first "Space Available" trip via military plane. That should be interesting...

But for now, dinner needs to be made, the living room needs to be tidied up, and I need a decent night's sleep. It wouldn't be my life if it weren't busy! Grama says it keeps me out of trouble...hehe...little does she know!


- hfs

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