Those of you

who are so quick to blame the Federal government, go to these sites in order :

1.) First, go here : U.S. Constitution

2.) Then, when you've relearned all that you SHOULD remember from high school government class, go here : The Army National Guard

3.) Then, when you're ready to take a look at a basic timeline and pertinent questions regarding the events leading up to and including the response to Hurricane Katrina, go here : Why Didn't Louisiana Follow its Required Emergency Plan?

4.) Finally, when you've wrapped your brain around all of that, go here : Katrina Response Timeline

Then, AND ONLY THEN, come back and talk to me.

Ignorance irritates me.

To no end.


- hfs

edited to add : you'll find a pretty comprehensive report card over at Real Clear Politics as well.

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Anonymous said...

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