Aw, crap.

Anyone know a good (read : inexpensive) data recovery company? My laptop hard drive just took a dump (for lack of a better term). It was having some issues, lagging and freezing up on me this AM so I powered it down and gave it some time to sit and relax and when I went to power it back up, all I got was "Disk read error. Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart" or something like that.

Not a good sign.

When MacGyver got home, he fooled around with it and wasn't able to get anywhere with it. He pulled the hard drive out and thinks it's dead. He'll take it to work tomorrow and mess with it. And, of course, nothing has been backed up for a few weeks.


So, as you're sitting here, shaking your head in sympathy for me, go back up your hard drive! And pass me any names that you would recommend for data recovery.



- hfs


C.S. Lewis said...

http://www.narniaresources.com/alerter Very cool desktop alerter that has regular updates on the new Narnia movie. Ijust installed and it is VERY cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

I have a window recovery disk site/blog. It pretty much covers ##KEYWORD## related stuff.

Come and check it out when you get time :-)


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