Lisa Murkowski has lost my vote

The Coburn amendments came up for a vote yesterday. The Coburn amendments are 3 anti-pork spending amendments. Basically they would have diverted funds for state "earmarks" (like the infamous "bridge to nowhere" championed by my WONDERFUL...note the sarcasm in that statement...representative-at-large, Don Young) in order to help pay for the Hurricane Katrina recovery effort.

But 86 of our "esteemed" Congressmen and women chose to vote AGAINST the Coburn amendments (for a list of how each Congressperson voted, please go HERE). Seems that those 86 feel that it is more important to build bridges that do not need to be built, to erect statues that do not serve a constructive purpose, and build parking lots rather than come to the aid of those devastated by Katrina.

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) was one of those 86 that voted against it - way to be fiscally conservative there, Lisa. Like I said in my e-mail to her earlier this morning, she won't be getting my vote when she comes up for re-election.

Check out the list to see how your Congressperson voted. If they voted FOR the Coburn amendments, let them know how thrilled you are(you know, positive reinforcement). If they voted AGAINST the amendments call them, write to them, e-mail them and let them know how you feel.

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- hfs

UPDATE : talk about the epitome of hypocricy...Don Young has decreed that "We must find a way to meet the inevitable needs that will arise after future disasters," he said. "We cannot continue deficit spending." (STORY HERE)


What would help would be if you were to be part of the SOLUTION and not part of the PROBLEM.

I cannot stand when someone treats me as though I have the IQ of an ice cube and that is EXACTLY how I feel reading this article. Makes me feel like getting on a plane, flying to Washington (or Alaska...wherever he is) and SMACKING him upside the head.


He's another one who won't be getting my vote next time around.

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