My War by Colby Buzzell

Having found CB's blog just a few months before the poop hit the fan for him, it was interesting to then read about it in his book - kind of like watching a video of yourself at a performance or something.

I got ahold of an advance copy of the book (the one I pre-ordered on Amazon.com will be here shortly) and devoured it. Had I had enough time, I would have read it all in one sitting.

CB, as many of you who had read his blog already know, is an impressive writer and this book is no exception. He does a wonderful job of portraying Iraq and his experiences so that those of us who have never been there can begin to understand what it is like. I am greatful for that. It's one hell of a book.

The advance copy I was given will be going to Afghanistan to BIL(K) for him to read. I think he'd enjoy it. Hopefully he'll pass it on to some of his guys.

CB ~ not that I expect that you read this blog, but I just want to say thanks for your service and your willingness to share your experiences. It was an awesome book. I miss reading your posts but I am greatful that you (and most of the men with which you deployed) made it back safely. Whatever happened to LT Armeni???

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Kari said...

I found this book to be totally engrossing. Even with a baby less than a week old and a husband deployed to the area written about I was unable to put it down and finished it in a matter of hours! I highly recommend it to anyone...unless of course swearing bothers you lol!! I'll be putting it in my next box headed out to the sandbox!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you ever got a reply, but LT (now CPT) Armeni is still in the Army and went back for two more tours in Iraq. He's currently going to graduate school through an Army program, I think at the University of Virginia.


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