Shifting my focus

The past few days have been a bit stressful and my focus has pretty much been solely on my family. But that gets old after a while so I want to vent a little on a few stories I've been watching...

1.) Harriet Miers. I firmly believe in the saying that it is better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Unfortunately, a lot of my fellow bloggers, a LOT of the GOP, and most of the talking heads in the media do not adhere to this bit of wisdom. I do wish they would. Given even just 15 seconds in a room with any of all of the above-mentioned people, my only message to them would be "SHUT UP AND WAIT UNTIL THE CONFIRMATION HEARINGS COME ABOUT." Until then, you all are talking out of an orifice that was not intended for that purpose.

2.) Teleconference between President Bush and soldiers in Iraq. OF COURSE IT WAS STAGED!!! He's the PRESIDENT!!! I'm thinking the man doesn't visit the men's room without a little rehearsal. Good grief. Is it THAT slow of a news day that we have to focus on the fact that they did a run-through prior to the live event?? Please. Yes, there are military members who do not agree with us being in Iraq. Yes, there are military members who did not vote for George Bush and who disagree with how he is handling the war in Iraq, the economy, and hurricane recovery effort, and the price of oil. But they swore an oath to defend the Constitution and to obey their Commander in Chief. And if the CinC wants to have them practice the POLKA before he gets on a live teleconference with them, THEY WILL. That is their JOB.




3.) The beating of a 64 year old former teacher in New Orleans. You just can't polish a turd, can you? Even in the glare of national spotlight, the most corrupt police force in the nation STILL cannot attempt to redeem itself. Sad. Just sad.

That's it for now. There are a lot of other stories out there that are catching my eye but I think those 3 suffice for now.


- hfs

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