Update - October 17

First, Happy Birthday Heather!!! Sorry I didn't get a chance to call you this afternoon but you probably weren't home anyway. I hope you had a wonderful day!

News about R. :

The biopsy on his testicle shows that it is testicular cancer and that is where they believe everything else to have originated. Once the results come back on the biopsy of the mass in his lungs, they will convene a "cancer board" to determine a solid course of action including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. All three of which WILL happen - it's just a matter of when and in what order.

I still have not spoken to R. on the phone - I wanted to let things settle down a bit and, honestly, I don't really know what to say. Odd, isn't it? I've known him for 13 years and I'm not one to be speechless often.

I need to sit down and print off the wonderful e-mails, comments, and such that have been sent to me for him. I want to make him a small scrapbook so that he can look at it and know how many people are behind him.

Thank you.

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- hfs

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