Update on my family

I've been waiting to divulge the details of what all is going on in order to make sure that BIL (who is in Afghanistan) was told in person (well, over the phone) first. I didn't want him to find this out via e-mail or via my blog.

McGyver's first youngest brother, R., is a pilot as well. He flies Kiowas and is stationed at Fort Lewis. He went in for a routine flight physical and was found to have a mass on his right clavicle. The flight surgeon (God love him) immediately scheduled an ultrasound and an MRI and 2 more masses were discovered - one in his abdomen and one at the branch of the airway as it splits into the lungs. I believe there was also a tumor in the right testicle which led the doctors to speculate that they were either looking at testicular cancer or lymphoma.

R. underwent a biopsy of the mass on his clavicle and, during the procedure, the doctors removed it as it was found to still be encapsulated (good news - it hadn't started to spread). R. had a tough time with the anesthesia but was doing better as of yesterday.

Today, the docs went into his groin to remove his right testicle and also perform a biopsy of the mass in his lungs. The hope is that it IS cancer and not something else which would complicate treatment options. The test results should be back Tuesday.

When we were at "Mother Rucker", R. was deployed to Iraq - BIAP to be exact. He happened to be assigned to a school at Rucker and we were blessed to have him there with us for about 5 months. Princess Trouble adores him. He was at the hospital (though not in the room!) for Little Man's birth. We just got back from SoCal and his wedding. He's 29 and has been married for less than 2 months. Heck of a way to spend one's honeymoon year, isn't it?

We are all still in a state of shock. R. is the LAST person you would expect something like this to afflict (ok, second to last...Lance Armstrong wins that one). He's a runner and a triathlete. He eats well. He is also of a very strong faith. One of the best things that he has done for our family is to introduce us to the church that he attended while at flight school. They are like family to us and if it weren't for R. we would probably have never met them. McGyver's family is very close and this is hitting hard.

So again I am here, asking for your prayers. But this time, it's very personal. VERY personal.


- hfs

edited to add : there is a CaringBridge website to keep family and friends updated on R's condition and progress as he fights this disease. If you are interested in visiting the site, please e-mail me at homefrontsix @ yahoo.com (no spaces) and I can give you the link.


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