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The NAACP is crusading to save Stanley "Tookie" Williams's life.





The NAACP is trying to save the life of one of the men responsible for the creation of one of the most notorious and deadly gangs in the country. A man who, directly and indirectly, is responsible for the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, of African-Americans as well as the destruction of the African-American community in Los Angeles and throughout the nation.

And yet, the NAACP chooses to fight for THIS man's life? Why not back the idea that Tookie Williams face up to the consequences of his actions and instead place their support where they purport it to be - behind the African-American community.

Choosing to try to save this "man" is a slap in the face to the African-American community.

Via Right Wing News:

How ironic of a stance is that for the NAACP to take? After all, Tookie Williams has done more damage to black Americans in the last 25 years than the Klan, Robert Byrd, and David Duke combined. Tookie Williams co-founded the Crips and how many black Americans have those animals murdered since then? How many black kids have they helped to get hooked on drugs? How many black Americans have they raped and robbed? How many black neighborhoods have they turned into hellholes full of people who were afraid to come out of their own houses when those scumbags were on the street?

My sentiments exactly.


- hfs

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