I see your true colors shining through

So the House Republicans finially grew a spine and found their huevos. Thank goodness. They forced the House Democrats to put up or shut up. The forced a vote in the House on whether or not we (the United States) should pull our troops out of Iraq immediately. The resolution was based on Jack Murtha's assinine demand that we pull our troops out of Iraq and nearby bases within six months.

The final vote was 403 to 3. Four hundred and three of our representatives voted AGAINIST Murtha's proposal. I believe Hugh Hewitt commented that the Democrats were "sound and fury signifying nothing". All bark and no bite.

The left has spent months and months holding marches, holding rallies, holding press conferences and when they were finally called on the carpet to back up their blathering, the only thing they were found to be holding was...well, you know.

Three votes. Three. Pathetic. The three that voted FOR the resolution were : Democrats Cynthia A. McKinney of Georgia, Robert Wexler of Florida and Jose E. Serrano of New York. Way to go y'all. I truly hope, when they come up for re-relection, the voters will send them a strong message that support of our troops is essential to keeping their jobs.

Now that we have cleansed that temper tantrum from our systems, how about we get back to WORK?

...cowards cut and run. Marines never do.

And thank God for that.


- hfs

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