Saturday night was a night out with MacGyver and 2 of his friends from work and their wives. Dinner was great. Then it was time for a movie. Everyone else wanted to see "Jarhead" and since the idea of sitting by myself in the local Starbucks didn't appeal to me, I went along.

That is two hours of my life I will never get back. What a waste of $8.75.

I'm not a Marine nor do I know enough about the Corps to cast aspersions on the movie for that reason so I'll give you the main reasons I thought this movie sucked. But first, let me preface this diatribe with the fact that I did read the book. My impression of Swofford was that he was the biggest whiny Marine (didn't know those two words could ever go together in a sentance) I had ever come across. His mental instability made me wonder how he ever got passed a recruiter and how the Corps managed to think it was a good idea to make this guy a sniper. But I digress...

My biggest complaint about this movie was the way that spouses and significant others were portrayed. Every single one of them (including Swofford's own mother) was portrayed as either a slut or mentally unstable. Now, I will acquiesce to the fact that there are unfaithful and unstable spouses and significant others out there. But not each and every one of us, damnit. That aspect of the movie was rude, unrealistic, and unnecessary.

My second biggest complaint about this movie was the "Highway of Death" scene. Those of us old enough to remember the first Gulf War remember the footage on CNN of this event. For those of you whose recollection is hazy or non-existent, go here. Take a look at the picture about 1/2 way down the page. What do you see? What is different than how this event was portrayed in the movie? That's right - the vehicles you see in the actual news archive are MILITARY vehicles, not civilian. Way to go Hollywood.

The other complaint I have about this movie isn't so much a complaint as it is an observation. I have not seen that much barfing or male nudity since MacGyver was active in his fraternity in college. Good GRIEF! The thing that REALLY floored me was the fact that some movie-goers had their KIDS (i.e. 4 year olds!) with them. There should be a LAW...

Like I said, that was 2 hours of my life I will NEVER get back. Damn. Welcome to the suck...


- hfs