A man, a mike, and a barstool

Went to see Lewis Black in concert Sunday. Damn funny man. I'm not sure what was funnier - his thoughts on Hawaii (and his observation that, based on how beautiful it is here, it's no wonder that 1 in 10 teachers are absent from work on any given day) or his belief that, in order to win the war on terror we must elect a DEAD president...namely Ronald Regan (his theory being that, in order to defeat an enemy that is more horrific and terrifying than we've ever encountered, we need to show the terrorists that WE are more insane than they are. What better way to do so than to elect a DEAD president?)

His opening act, John, was funny too. There was a sign language interpreter on stage initerpreting for a deaf woman in the front row and he was messing with her. At one point, he decided to hop down in to the audience and asked the audience, "Aren't the acoustics in here GREAT?!?" The deaf woman signed, "How would *I* know?!?" The rest of audience got it and just about died laughing.

Lewis Black had to deal with 2 hecklers, including a local woman (I assume local based on her accent) who chided him to "say something positive!" Um, honey, have never WATCHED Lewis Black on TV??? She must have been given the tickets or have won them somewhere - I can't imagine she would have paid money for tickets without knowing WHO Lewis Black and expecting a "positive" experience. Duh.

If Lewis Black is headed to your town, I'd encourage you to go see him - he's hilarioius. Just be forewarned that he's NOT positive and there is a plethora of f-bombs to be had in his act.


- hfs

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