National Military Family Association

I realize that a large portion of the people who read my blog are military spouses. How many of you have griped about the quality of housing? About Tricare? About education for your kids?

I'll admit it - I do. Why do you think I started this blog? But I am not one to merely sit and gripe. Once I have confronted an issue that is bugging me, I try to find a solution. Griping (by itself) gets you nowhere. Acting on an issue does.

For those of you who do have complaints/concerns/issues within military life that you feel need to be addressed (and hey, who doesn't??) what if I were to tell you that there is an organization that exists to act on your concerns?? An organization acting on behalf of military families around the globe that will go to local and state governments, the Department of Defense, and even Congress to alert them to issues affecting the quality of life for military families.

That organization is the National Military Family Association.

Their mission statement:
To serve the families of the seven uniformed services through education, information, advocacy, and programs.

Their goal:
To create an environment that provides for the security of military families; free from financial, physical, and psychological needs.

NMFA is a non-profit organization that is focused solely on quality-of-life issues affecting military families. If you're asking what they DO, here is a good overview:

* The offices of the federal, state, and local governments, as well as DoD, call on NMFA to identify the needs of military families and offer suggestions for solutions.

NMFA is the ONLY organization that puts the military spouse and military family FIRST. NMFA's work benefits ALL military families and future generations of families.

Take a look at the following list of issues that I am sure many of you are familiar with:

* TRICARE for life
* WIC overseas
* Supplemental funding for civilian schools that serve military children
* Increased Famiily Separation Allowance
* Survivor Benefit Plan benefits for the suvivors of active duty deaths

Which of those changes were requested by the DoD?

Not one of them. Each of those items listed above was the result of NMFA's work on the behalf of military families. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Go on over to the National Military Family Association website and check them out. and keep checking back here - I'm going to start highlighting some of the news from NMFA on a regular basis.


- hfs

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