Sex Offenders Held Illegally, Judge Rules

Sex Offenders Held Illegally, Judge Rules

"The court is granting convicted sexual predators more rights than law-abiding New Yorkers," Governor Pataki said yesterday in a written statement. "Without question, if this ruling is allowed to stand, it would jeopardize the safety of our children and communities throughout the state."

This is the case across the country. It enrages me that a convicted sex offender has more rights than my 4 year old.

If we applied the death penalty to these monsters upon conviction, we wouldn't have this problem. I don't want to pay for them (via my taxes) to be incarcerated, housed in a mental facility, or potentially rehabilitated (I do not believe that sex offenders can BE rehabilitated). I do not want them released.

MY CHILD deserves better protection than what is currently being afforded to them. This is outrageous and disgusting.


- hfs

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Anonymous said...

sex offender registry - protect the kids.


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