Five weird habits...just five???

I've been meme-d by Lorelie over at An American in Italy with "5 weird habits." Only FIVE? Aw, hell, this is going to take some effort - not in coming up with five but NARROWING IT DOWN TO just five. Crud.

1. I cannot, CAN NOT, sit still and talk on the phone. I HAVE to be doing something else at the same time. Pacing, folding laundry, you name it. I have a hard time sitting still, regardless of whether I am on the phone but this idiosyncracy is magnified when I am on the phone.

2. I must have Dr. Pepper with Taco Bell. Not Coke. Not Pepsi. Not Sprite or root beer or anything else. Dr. Pepper or nothing at all.

3. When we are getting ready to take a trip, the house must be spotless before we leave. No dishes in the sink (they all go in the dishwasher and then I run the dishwasher as we are heading out the door), no laundry in the baskets, no lint on the carpet, no trash in the trash cans. If we're going to get broken into, I want to KNOW and I can't KNOW unless the house was spotless before we left!

Additionally, I must unpack the suitcases the minute we get back. Dirty laundry must at least go into the hamper, if not into the washer. Toiletries must be put away. Suitcases must be returned to their storage spot. I literally can't sleep unless these things are done.

4. If a picture or other wall-hanging is askew, I must fix it. I actually have a mini level on my keychain for situations like this. I've been known to level artwork at museums, doctors' offices, etc.

5. My closet is organized by type of clothing (pants to be hung, skirts, dress shirts, T shirts, sleeveless shirts, dresses) and by color within each section of clothing. My socks have separate drawers - one for everyday socks and one for dress socks. Even my jeans, which are folded in a drawer, are organized by their level of dressiness - 1 stack of nice jeans and 1 stack of everyday jeans. Ditto on the shorts.

MacGyver, on the other hand, is not nearly as organized. He's getting better (more thanks to the Army than me) but still nowhere NEAR my level of OCD.

Yet, HE'S the one who folds his underware and I do not.

Go figure.

Like Sgt. B I don't tag people but you're free to mooch it off of me if you want - just let me know in the comments and I'll pop by and read yours!


- hfs

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