Just under an hour before the start of 2006 and I'll bet my neighborhood here in Paradise is louder than where my BIL is hanging out in Afgahnistan right now. This being our first New Year here in Paradise, I did not realize how much these people LOVE their fireworks. Good GRIEF!!!

It started around 2pm today - just as we were getting back from the Acute Care Clinic (more on that over at A Princess and a Little Man) and has not let up since. Many of our neighbors are of Asian descent and several of them have strung up rolls of firecrackers across their driveways and lit them off (each roll takes about 2-3 minutes to completely fire off). My belief is that it is ceremonial.

Whatever it is, it's ANNOYING. Try getting your 4 year old (who has an irrational fear of things loud and unexpected) and your 22 month old (who is sick and miserable) to sleep while your neighborhood sounds like a warzone.

I'm not going to rehash 2005...Fox News and CNN seem to have done that one for me already. And I don't make resolutions. Each day contains it's own resolutions...I see no need to make special ones just for January 1st. I DID like ScrappleFace's list of President Bush's resolutions (h/t Greyhawk @ Mudville Gazette) and I sure would love to see him actually implement some of them. A girl can dream, right?

I DO have some news to report but I'm not 100% positive on it yet so I'll hold off. No, I'm NOT pregnant so don't even go there! I'll reveal details once I verify that I'm in on the deal.

Stay tuned for more "Hooker Porn" (I've received more hits on that phrase alone than on every other Google search combined...*sheesh*) in the next few days. For now, I'm off to plug into my new (used, but new to me!) iPod and start reading Michael Yon's book, Danger Close that MacGyver got me for Christmas until the warzone outside quiets down.

Happy New Year people. Let's try to make it better than the last.


- hfs

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