Before I start, let me say that Hawaii is wonderful. Really. The weather is great (pretty much all the time). The beaches are beautiful. The scenery is unparalleled. We are blessed to be afforded the opportunity to live there.

Having said that, good God do I miss the mountains. Our time here in the Pacific Northwest just reinforces that ache for the smell of pine trees, the sting of cold winter air, and the sight of a mountain with snow on it.

Those of you up at DA, I think it's about time you all get your ducks in a row and open up an active duty Chinook unit either at Fort Carson, Colorado (my first choice) or Fort Lewis, Washington (my second choice). Preferably, NOW. I would give serious consideration to offering up a body part if I thought it would do any good.

I miss SEASONS. I miss being cold. I miss fireplaces. Granted, some of the older housing units at Schofield Barracks/Wheeler Army Airfield have them but they never get USED because it's never COLD enough. I miss wearing fleece. I miss the smell of pine trees and winter air. I miss snuggling down under the blankets to stay warm as opposed to kicking them off because it's too damn hot in the room due to the fact that the trade winds decided not to make an appearance. I miss it all (well, most of it. Can't say I miss shovelling 3 feet of snow off my walkway or nasty grams from the housing Nazis about my driveway not being cleared to standards or it being dark at 3pm).

Yes, Hawaii is great. But it's not home. Home, for us, is somewhere near a mountain. Somewhere that sees the weather coincide with the season. Somewhere where you can actually remember what month it is based on what it looks like outside your window. Somewhere that fireplaces are not just decorative in nature.

We have just a few days left here and I am savoring each and every one of them. I'm still trying to figure out how to bottle up that smell that I miss so much. Yankee Candle has yet to come up with a fragrance that comes close. I miss mountain living SO much...guess you could say I'm homesick.


- hfs

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