‘I Should Give Up?’

Newsweek/MSNBC story

Governor Schwarzenegger is considering granting clemency to Stanley "Tookie" Williams whose execution is set for this coming week. Hopefully he will not turn into a "girly-man" and will uphold the jury's decision that this "man" be put to death.

Newsweek did an interview with Stanley "Tookie" Williams (see link above) that just made my blood boil.

There’s a common perception in the outside world that it would be “better to be dead” than to be locked away for the rest of your life. You are fighting almost until the final hour for yours. Why do you want to go on under the conditions you live in?
First and foremost, I have the heart, the fortitude and the redemption to fight. I’m not culpable. I’m not guilty. I’m not a quitter. I’ve been fighting all my life. Being black is the paramount [reason]. This integrity and fortitude I possess has been foisted down to me from my ancestors who fought to stay alive when they were in slavery, who fought to stay alive during moments of lynching, on down through profiling and other attacks of injustice.

Twelve people found you guilty. Not that juries can't be wrong but after TWENTY FOUR YEARS no new evidence has been put forth, no new trial has been proposed. Nothing has been put forth to dispute the jury's findings. And if you REALLY want to get into it, even if you ARE innocent in THIS case, shall we then delve into the murders you committed during your time with the Crips?? I'm sure that there is enough there to warrant another death sentence - multiple times over.

But getting back to your original claim that you are innocent with regard to the charges against you...where is the evidence? Why hasn't your legal team petitioned for a new trial? There isn't any new evidence because you are GUILTY.

If you had been able to sit in the room with Arnold Schwarzenegger during your clemency hearing, how would you have asked him to spare your life?

I would first and foremost say I am innocent, and if I am granted clemency, I will continue to do my work. I believe that what I’m doing is working. The tens of thousands of e-mails I receive--well, I don’t get e-mail, but that my Web site receives--from people saying they have been helped, demonstrates it’s working, helping people to escape from [lives of violence]. Even if I were granted clemency I wouldn’t rest on my laurels. I recently had the opportunity to meet with the president and CEO of the NAACP, Bruce Gordon. What resulted was a violence-prevention curriculum that the NAACP will sponsor. They are going to use my books and other works to help preserve and teach those who [want to turn their lives around].

And HOPEFULLY Gov. Schwarzenegger would call bullshit just like I would. Did it EVER occur to you that, had you NOT created the Crips (and thus aided in the inception of the Bloods), NONE of your books or your speeches, or your assistance with curriculum would EVER be necessary. Just because thousands of people write to you doesn't mean that you deserve to live. Thousands of people wrote to Jeffery Dhamner, to Charles Manson, to Susan Smith. Does that mean that they are worthy of drawing their next breath? NO. It just means that there are stupid people out there who believe you.

As for Mr. Gordon and the NAACP, what a tragedy it is that an organization designed to help further the African-American community is, instead, trying to help a man who is responsible for devastating that community.

The prosecutors told the governor that your refusal to “debrief” or, as your supporter have said, “to become a snitch” about the Crips sends the wrong message to young people. Why don’t you tell them to cooperate with police? To tell them if they are witnesses to a crime? To help them solve crimes?

Let me say this to you and to the world. I have transformed my life. I am no longer a violent man. I will not, I will never do anything to cause harm to any human being on the face of this planet. If I feel that opening my mouth will harm another human being, it does not matter who they are, what their color or creed is. I can’t do it. I can’t do it. That is something I have vowed to God. My vow to God is more important than what I say to any human being on the face of this earth.

By NOT debriefing and not helping law enforcement break the Crips and other gangs, you ARE making yourself responsible for the further harm of others. Innocents as well as the not-so-innocent. But instead, your sense of righteousness - warped though it is - protects those who would do others harm.

Stanley "Tookie" Williams has been convicted of four counts of murder and sentenced to death by a jury of his peers. In TWENTY FOUR YEARS, not one shred of evidence has been put forth to challenge that conviction. If you're still unclear as to the details surrounding the case, educate yourself by reading my previous post on this issue, Governor Schwarzenegger Don't Be A Girly-Man.

Stanley "Tookie" Williams deserves the death penalty. Period.

UPDATE: California High Court Refuses Williams' Stay

UPDATE December 12 Schwarzenegger Denies Clemency for Williams
Good. Good.


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