Joseph Smith gets what he deserves

Joseph Smith sentenced to death

First, I want to know WHO the hell the 2 jurors are that voted AGAINST the death penalty. In Florida, in a death penalty case, the ONLY way that he could have been spared the death penalty is if there were mitigating factors and there were not. I think the two jurors that were against giving the death penalty need to have a mental evaluation.

Second, to those who are against the death penalty...many of you will say that it is not a deterrent. Shut up. If nothing else, it's a deterrent to the person who committed the crime who is put to death. Joseph Smith will NEVER again hurt another person once he is killed. Those of you who say that it's more expensive to enforce the death penalty than it is to house an inmate in jail for the rest of their life...shut up. What you fail to take into account is the societal cost that we - and by "we" I mean law-abiding citizens - have to bear. WE have to worry - constantly - about the safety of ourselves, our families, our friends. WE have to worry about the people we associate with, the people we let into our homes and our lives, the people at our children's schools, the strangers on the street.

Personally speaking, I am willing to bear the cost of effectively enforcing the death penalty as opposed to bearing the cost of allowing animals such as Joseph Smith take another breath.

From the Yahoo! story :
Defense attorney Adam Tebrugge argued for a sentence of life in prison without parole, saying it would punish Smith, protect society and provide "a fitting conclusion to this horrific case."

I must forcefully disagree with Mr. Tebrugge here. Sitting in a jail eating, sleeping, and breathing is NOT adequate punishment for this animal. Nor does it protect society. Removing him from the face of the planet DOES. As for a "fitting conclusion to this horrific case"...NO. It is not a fitting conclusion. A fitting conclusion would be for Mr. Smith to die in the same manner in which he killed Carlie Brucia. If you REALLY want to know how I feel, I think it should be televised but we won't go there right now.

"The Joe Smith, the drug addict who was out of control, will never exist again because he will be kept away from drugs."

Are you HIGH?? It's easier to score drugs INSIDE jail than it is to do so OUTSIDE. Besides, if he's facing life in prison without the possibility of parole, there is no motivation for this man to toe the line. He will face no real consequences for further deviant behavior. But he will be able to COMMITT further deviant behavior because he will be ALIVE.

He raped and murdered a CHILD. Kill him. And let Hell deal with him.


- hfs

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