Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Like I mentioned in my previous post, several of my friends are planning on heading back to the mainland for the duration of the upcoming deployment. I've toyed with the idea and can't seem to settle on one side of the fence or the other.

My parents sold my childhood home and moved to another state just as I was graduating from high school. While I still consider SoCal my hometown, it is no longer home for me. Neither is the state in which my parents currently reside. Colorado is the closest thing to "home" (aside from any place my husband, my kids, and myself currently live) that I have yet it's not necessarily somewhere I would just up and move to for a year without MacGyver with me.

Moving back to the mainland would be done for one reason and one reason only : $$$$$. Our housing allowance would remain the same - based on MacGyver's current duty station (Hawaii). Between the housing allowance and the extra money that a deployment brings (hostile fire pay, family separation pay, etc.), we could stand to save up a LOT of extra money.



I'd need to move somewhere that the rent was cheap, where I could find something furnished (our household goods would be placed in non-temporary storage here in Hawaii), and where I could find a good base of support. The only place that is coming to mind is Alabama. Close enough to a military installation that I know, close to a church that is near and dear to my heart (something I've been missing a LOT lately), I have a wide group of friends who love my kids tremendously, I'm close enough to my parents to pop up and see them on a regular basis, close enough to other friends to go see them on a regular basis as well. The cost of living down there is low. We could do well on the financial side of things. After running a few numbers, we're talking almost a $20,000 difference in savings based on raw numbers. Woah.

HOWEVER, it would mean uprooting my kids at a time that they will be facing MORE than enough challenges and changes. It would mean living without our creature comforts for a year on top of living without MacGyver for a year. I'd have to buy another car (and because we buy used, I'd be gambling with its reliability at a time when my personal mechanic is "out of town")...

I'd be away from the unit, the FRG (though it's not much to speak of yet), and the center of information for this division. Granted, so will many other people and I'm sure the division has contingency plans for all of that but, being that this will be my first deployment, I'm thinking it might be wise just to stay put.

I just don't know. I know I don't need to make this decision RIGHT NOW but it does need to be made soon. I'd need to find a place to live, a school for Princess Trouble, somewhere to store ALL of our household goods (ugh...I didn't figure THAT cost into the numbers...), figure out WHEN to move (there is our LEASE to contend with...), WHEN to put stuff in storage, etc.

The EASY thing would be to stay put. But I'm not sure the EASY thing to do is the RIGHT thing to do...


- hfs

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