A few things that tick me off

* If you're going to have a sign in sheet next to a sign that states, "Please sign in and have a seat. You will be called in the order in which you signed in" then fortheloveofGod CALL PEOPLE UP IN THAT ORDER!!! Don't get so distracted by the pretty little pictures on your computer screen that you fail to DO YOUR JOB.

* If your posted hours are from 9am to 5pm, then open your phone lines AT 9am and do NOT close them until 5pm. Otherwise, CHANGE YOUR FRIGGIN HOURS.

* If the promotional deal is no longer taking place, TAKE DOWN THE SIGN THAT ADVERTISES IT!!! Otherwise, be ready for me to be disappointed. And I don't *do* disappointment well at all.

* DO NOT make me slow down on the freeway just because YOU didn't want to slow down and chose to swerve out from behind the car in front of you and INTO my lane. If you do, be ready for me to crawl up on your tail and lay on my horn. I'm from SoCal...that's just how we DO things.

* AND, if you DO cut me off (going a whopping 45 mph in a 55mph zone), DON'T flip me off because I get to close to your tail end. What did you EXPECT me to do? Counteract the forces of forward momentum?

*whew* There...I feel MUCH better now. Idiots.

And, can someone tell me WHY it is that my husband gets grief because the cycling socks he wears to PT formation aren't white (they are either yellow or cammoflauge) but he CAN wear his cycling shoes to the same formation?? WTF? Who the hell MAKES these rules? Did it occur to anyone how assinine these rules ARE? I'm not griping about the color of the socks being at issue. My beef is over the fact that you can make a big deal about the color of socks but not have any qualms over the footwear.

Reason number 417 why I could never handle being in the Army...


- hfs

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