Judge Cashman must be fired (warning...foul language)

State's judicial system failed abused child

Judge gives child-rapist 60-day sentence
No longer believes in punishment: 'Anger doesn't solve anything'

Claiming he no longer believes in punishment, a Vermont judge issued a 60-day sentence to a man who confessed to repeatedly raping a girl over a four-year period, beginning when she was 7 years old.

Cashman said he's more concerned now about rehabilitation.

"The one message I want to get through is that anger doesn't solve anything. It just corrodes your soul," Cashman told a packed Burlington courtroom made up mostly of people related to the victim.

I am sitting here with my jaw in my lap. I am speechless. I would try to wrap my brain around the logic behind this sentencing, if there were any. But there is not one shred of logic attached to this in any way.

This "judge" no longer believes in punishment? Then he can no longer do the job he was hired to do and should subsequently be FIRED. Immediately.

Mark Hulett ADMITTED that he raped this child countless times. A CHILD. He RAPED a CHILD REPEATEDLY over the course of FOUR YEARS. And this judge doesn't think he belongs in jail.

Actually, I happen to agree with Judge Cashman on this point. This deviant does not belong in jail. He belongs UNDER it.

I'm not sure what infuriates me more about this...the fact that the child upon which these crimes were perpretrated will have to share the streets with this animal or the fact that MY child will have to share the streets with this animal.

From the Burlington Free Press article:
Cashman defended his ruling by saying that without treatment, a long jail term would only harden Hulett and make him more dangerous when he is released. He seemed to feel that decision would keep society safer from this offender's sexual deviancy in the long run.

BULLSHIT. You want to avoid the dangers that prison "inflicts" upon criminals such as Mark Hulett? Kill him. Execute the sonofabitch and then we don't have to worry about recidivism.

Those of you who have made it past the occasional cuss word in the writings above, please be warned it's going to get worse...

Right now the ONLY things going through my head are obscenities but I will do my best to come up with something semi-coherent.

This animal rapes a child for FOUR years and gets a whopping 60-day sentence because the judge in the case "doesn't believe in punishment"? Excuse me? Then maybe it's about time Judge Cashman looks to find another line of work,. I think it would be a great idea for Judge Cashman to go to work helping and counseling children who have been through this sort of horrific experience. Maybe THEN he will begin to understand why Mark Hulett should have faced the stiffest penalty the law allows.

What kind of man is this judge? What kind of PERSON puts the well-being of a self-admitted child RAPIST ahead of the well-being of the victim AND THE REST OF SOCIETY? What gain is there to be had by setting this animal free after 60 days? None. Hell, why even bother with 60 days? Why not just say "Fuck it." and let him go right then and there?

Hell, if punishment no longer accomplishes anything then why don't we just do away with jails completely and just build rehabilitation treatment facilities? Because, you know, rehabilitation works SO well.

According to the Center for Sex Offender Management, the recidivism rates over 25 years for child molesters is 39% and for child rapists is 52%. And that, according to the website, is an underestimate. In my opinion, THERE IS NO REHABILITATION TO BE HAD FOR DEVIANTS SUCH AS MARK HULETT. (hat tip to THe Jake Files) So the fact that length of jail time is even fodder for debate is utterly ridiculous. Imposing the death penalty on anyone convicted of sexually assaulting a child would a.) eliminate the possibility of recidivism for THAT individual, b.) send a message to anyone who might be on the fence (if that is possible) about committing a crime such as that, and c.) protect the most vulnerable members of our society...our children. For unless we as a society get serious, and I mean deadly serious, about protecting our children this sort of crime will continue and our children will NEVER be safe.

Instead, we get judges like Judge Cashman who decide to legislate from the bench. Great. So, instead of the judicial system protecting society, he's using it to screw us. Literally. I wonder if he can explain to me (or, better yet, my four year old daughter. Or better than that, the VICTIM) why this animal's "rights" are more important than my daughter's safety. Why is it that my daughter...who has done nothing wrong or illegal in her life...is at the mercy not only of "people" such as Mark Hulett but the courts as well?

Hell, the courts in this country as as guilty as Mark Hulett. The courts continually release predators such as Mark Hulett and allow them repeatedly perpetrate their crimes even though they have been proven to be child molesters and rapists. Short prison terms followed by lenient probation and lax monitoring...sounds like the perfect treatment for a convicted child RAPIST. Advocates for these "people" (how the hell can someone actually stand up and ADVOCATE for people such as this?) say that prisons are too crowded, that prison terms do nothing to prevent recidivism. Ok, fine. Personally speaking, I don't think prison sentences are the appropriate punishment for this type of crime but, if you have read this far, you already know that.

Judge Cashman, I have a proposition for you...since you seem to think that it's ok for MY child to be in the streets along with my children, let's put him on the street with YOUR CHILDREN. If you are so firm in your convictions (no pun intended) about prison time not being effective and treatment being a better option, YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN go live next to him. Put up or shut up you ignorant, ineffective, worthless piece of crap. How DARE you? How dare you NOT DO YOUR JOB? If that animal so much as THINKS about harming another child, YOUR ASS should be thrown in the same hole in the ground as he is.

Anger doesn't serve any purpose? Wanna bet? Give that child's parents immunity, a gun, and 5 minutes alone with Mark Hulett and I'll show you purpose.


- hfs


Chris said...

Amen!!! I am the News Director for three radio stations in Vermont and freelance for the Vermont Times. There will be a scathing editorial both on air and in the paper as well. I am appalled by Cashman's decision and strongly believe the "conviction" should be overturned.

vjg said...

I am stunned by Cashmans decision and scared at the fact that we have judges that decide child rapists have more rights than victims. Vermonts state rep. Kurt Wright called for him to resign and other legislators called for his inpeachmennt, the state governor said Cashman needed to make a career change, and quite appallingly, along comes Vermonts house speaker Gaye Symington who would not let the resignation resolution be voted on, and instead sent it to a committee, which may never be brought to a vote. The state of Vermont needs to remember all the enablers of criminals starting with their judge and the speaker and let their voices be heard, or God help us all.

Anonymous said...


this is the e-mail address the the speaker of the house for Vermont if anyone would like to write her. She is Gaye Cashman

Anonymous said...

Cashman must be a NAMBLA member disguised as a judge. He certainly has sympathy for those who follow the NAMBLA way except with little girls. He and his kind are dangerous to our children. They justify depravity by glossing it with natural function justifications.

All speculation aside concerning Judge Cashman's personal views, the lack of outrage demonstrated in Vermont (and the rest of the US)is a tragedy. It is incredible to me that we need talk show hosts to whip up concern.

Unfortunately it (the Vermont reaction) seems to mirror a national lack of concern for our little ones, beginning with the lack of outcry against late term abortions. Just watch one of those on a medical channel and you will understand the de-sensitization process. How can there be much shock and outrage against the mere rape of an eight year old when a mother can kill her baby pretty much any time before her due date. It is a sad fact that until the children that are (lucky enough to be ?) born become old enough to cast a vote, they aren't really of much concern to legislators. Talk to a few kiddie cops about the child abuse they see and investigate daily. Listen to the excuses concerning Cashman and child abuse, offered by the politicians interviewed in the just the last week by O'reilly, for all the bad things allowed to happen to children over and over again. The things we allow to happen to our kids is incredible. Our sense of outrage is dulled. We may rise up for awhile but a worse outrage will come up and have us looking at something else, like morbid voyeurs at an accident scene, unable to turn our eyes away and incapable of taking action.

The list of states that have mandatory sentencing for child offenders is incredibly small. This allows the Cashman's of our country who have "a better idea" to allow these monsters to roam the streets with us and our kids, free to find another Jessica! The fault is theirs for a moral deficiency or Brahmin style intellectual superiority complex that allows them to take such reprehensible actions. The fault is ours for allowing them to continue to hold a judgeship. If we remove them from office when they err so egregiously perhaps it will send a message and we won't have a need for Jessica's Law. If we can't hold our focus long enough to see such actions through we deserve whatever these so called judges put on the streets with us.

TC said...

I totally agree with all comments made... I think Cashman should take Hulett home with HIM and start the so-called rehabilitation process himself... Let's keep up the chatter and keep the pressure on to have Cashman removed and replace him with someone who is sane. I will definitely be praying tonight that the sentencing be made more appropriate tomorrow!

plainavy said...

Agreed. I'm interested in finding liberal blogs or discussion boards that defend Judge Cashman.

There are enough media outlets in Vermont that are defending the guy and it makes me sick.

Email or post reply at http://plainavy.blogspot.com if you find any.


Christopher Largen said...

PLEASE stop focusing on Judge Cashman. There are THOUSANDS of convicted pedophiles across the nation who never served even A SINGLE DAY in jail. The media focuses on this one bad judge, as if it's the flavor of the month. Fact is, this dynamic is happening all over the nation.

BigDawg said...

Dawg says: I find the antics by Dem. Senators, "Purple Hearts" Kerry and that 500 pound monkey, Chappaquidick Teddy (gimmie another drink) Kennedy for backing the silly sour grapes idea of a filibuster against the confirmation of Judge Sam Alito. For goodness sakes, one would think it was Vermont's Judge Cashman up for confirmation, the brain-dead "judge" who cares more about the poor misunderstood pedophiles in our society than their young victims whose entire lives have been destroyed by pedophiliactic miscreants.

On second thought, those two idiots, Kerry and Kennedy, would probably love Cashman and even slide a few "Benjamins" under the table to rush the boob through the confirmation process.

My apologies gang, I know that I should not hold back so much on important issues and just go ahead and express how I really feel. I promise to try harder next time I talk to y'all.~Dawg~

~Courtesy of The BigDawg and my friend, Senator Jim Demint~



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The Real BigDawg said...

Sunday, November 20, 2005
Time: 1:36:00 AM EST
Author: incoming663


Time: 5:18:00 PM EDT
Author: incoming663
Mood: Angry

This may sound a bit harsh to the bleeding heart, teary-eyed liberals and the blurry world they live in, but I say give the pedophiles what they deserve - life in prison without parole on their 1st conviction. There is no argument that these perverts undoubtedly molested hundreds of children all their miserable post-pubescent lives before they finally got caught.

When these pathetic parasites of society molest a child, they have in essence, murdered the "child" within the child. There is a certain innocence - a kind of magic - in just being a child. It's normally the most wonderful time in our lives that we will never again experience as we mature. But when a child is molested by one of the sub-human creatures, the horrid experience literally kills all the wonder, magic and innocence within the child - most are subsequently murdered by these miserable creatures after satisfying themselves. Who can forget the Jessica Lunsford case? The beautiful little 9 year old Jessica Lunsford was buried alive, clutching on to a stuffed dolphin by convicted pedophile, John Evander Couey. This sub-human creep, Couey, repeatedly raped and sodomized little Jessica for days before he killed her. Little did I know that this disgusting creature was hiding out about a twenty minute drive from where I live. Of course this bastard is in jail awaiting his right of "due process" as guarenteed by the Constitution. That much I agree with. I am a Constitutionalist. But I wish he could run around in the "yard" with the other convicts. I assure you, justice would be swift.

Today, 11/18/05/ a judge in New York released 12 dangerous pedophiles from prison to once again roam the streets for their little victims, our children. And did you know that there are over 400, 000 registered pedophiles at large, right this minute in our country? Not only that, eighty per cent of them cannot be located by law enforcement.

Children who have had the misfortune of encountering a pedophile will grow up into a twisted world of feelings that include self-guilt, low self-esteem, fear and a lifetime of therapy. A pedophile is the lowest kind of evil scum sucking, bottom-dwelling humanoid filth to roam society-always in search of their prey - our wonderful children. The pedophilia recidivism rate is just too high to ignore and the damage that they do to our children and their families is forever.

About 5 years ago, a church minister, from this county, was convicted of child molestation and sent to prison for life. His "specialty" was taking young boys on camping trips. His plans to fulfill his twisted fantasies had already been prearranged. This maggot contrived one "game" in which the children would run around naked in "shaving foam fights." Later that night he would "visit" young boys as they slept in their tents - then have his way with them. This went on for years before he was exposed as to what he really was.

One of the most horrible results caused by this disgusting pedophile was that one of his victims, who later in life became a doctor, shot himself in the head. According to his sister, her brother had struggled with depression all through his adult life because of a traumatic sexual episode with this adult miscreant. The doctor was only 42 years old. That bastard pedophile killed that young doctor as if he had put the .357 magnum to that young doctor's head himself.~BIGDAWG~



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The Real BigDawg said...

My humble apologies for this re-post but it is almost 4a in the morning and I made a few errors in my syntax (which I have corrected.)
Wanted to note that I wrote the Gov. of Vermont about the Cashman verdict as well as the President and a U.S. senator. Since that fool Cashman has now given this miserable pervert a 3 year sentence I just hope that he, Hulett, has the opportunity to stroll around in the yard. I am confident that is where this disgusting parasite will receive the "therapy" he deserves. As far as Cashman is concerned, he has made himself into the "poster liberal" for the radical left-wing that is ruining America's proud culture. As far as the little child is concerned, I have heard nada, nothing about how she is doing. And don't expect any up-dates from Cashman. We all know where his sympathies lie.

Dawg says: I find the antics by Dem. Senators, "Purple Hearts" Kerry and that 500 pound monkey, Chappaquidick Teddy (gimmie another drink) Kennedy outrageous but not surprising for backing the silly sour grapes idea of a filibuster against the confirmation of Judge Sam Alito. For goodness sakes, one would think it was Vermont's Judge Cashman up for confirmation, the brain-dead "judge" who cares more about the poor misunderstood pedophiles in our society than their young victims whose entire lives have been destroyed by those pedophiliactic miscreants.

On second thought, those two idiots, Kerry and Kennedy, would probably love Cashman and even slide a few "Benjamins" under the table to rush the boob through the confirmation process.

My apologies gang, I know that I should not hold back so much on important issues and just go ahead and express how I really feel. I promise to try harder next time I talk to y'all.~Dawg~

~Courtesy of The BigDawg and my friend, Senator Jim Demint~



Miss Foroe said...

The lover of vile perverts, Judge Cashman of Vermont, has some connections with George Soros’ maniacal group “Restorative Justice”. This sounds like a wonderful name, lovely concept and all... but it’s completely illogical. Keep criminals free because crime is a disease and jail only compounds the disease. Jail will hurt the criminal and so he has to be free of jail time. They call that something like ‘Attrojetic Justice’ (I was listening to this report, so forgive misspellings) There’s something called a sentencing circles, in which the criminals and victims should reconcile. Vermont and Minnesota are hubs of this unbelievable policy.

WilliamP said...


Blindly following the rhetoric of O'Reilly and others like him, you will destroy a career of a good jurist. And, significantly, you will do that without even making most modest effort to understand the man.

LET ME EXPLAIN: Nobody likes these criminals. Everyone wants to protect children. We all would love God's most severe punishment to befall child abusers. I am sure all could agree on that. However, in our country, which laws I swore to uphold against all enemies, foreign and domestic, we MUST have process. That word - process - means that we don't just execute people that we think are guilty. Instead, we treat them like human beings, with all dignity that the word entails, and we trust that our system will result in a just outcome.

IN THIS CASE, Judge Cashman joined the ranks of many others who criticized the system's breakdown. Think of it - a convicted sex offender will go to prison for a determinate (i.e. one that will end upon a certain date) prison term, only to be denied from sex offender treatment program because the State is too poor to pay for it. Because the program was unavailable at prison, the judge decided to challenge the system and choose an alternative of a court-ordered treatment program outside of the prison. Such programs are very common and used frequently in many criminal contexts.

AS A RESULT, the State wisely amended its program, allowing convicted sex offenders to enter rehabilitation in prison. Following the State's decision, the judge resentenced the offender, giving him a mandatory 3 year minimum. (which, incidentally, does not mean he'll only serve three years. It only means that he will serve no less than three years.)

AT THE END, we are all better off as the result of this case. So, those of you who unjustly accused a dedicated jurist of the worst imaginable things really do owe him an apology.


tellis said...

To William P.
What you had to say all fine and dandy. What I want to know is why are the offenders rights more important that the victims? What are they telling this little girl? And all little girls? Come out, tell us what happened, go to court, be humiliated in front of strangers, look your offender right in the eyes. Then we'll let him right back out. With a little counsling and group therapy with men just as sick as he is where he can get better ideas. What kind of a system is this that we let these type of monsters know, hey if you get caught in Vermont and admit it, we'll give you 60 days, oh no, 3 years is enough. You have a state where politicians brag on national TV about being the "first state in the union to outlaw slavery". Well how does that correspond with being a state that gives as ADMITTED child rapist 60 days or 3 years? I think the focus should be on the message Vermont is sending out to its victms and to this little girl. She is the one who will suffer the rest of her life with this. He can walk out scott free in three years to find another vicitm.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. WilliamP
I am totally shocked and would be publicly ashamed to see that there is some remote claim that you hold a position of legal representation of law.

People such as you and the likes of should be incarcerated and be serving time in prison with the animals who rape and hurt children,

It is in fact out of context of being a question that these same animals and dregs of society should even be allowed to have jail time, the only solution is their immediate execution, the question is not whether they will feel sorry and accept their reposnsibility for their crimes but the fact that they have done this hideous crime in the first place, there is no issue or justifactions in "shame on you and you have been a bad person", but the fact is "too bad the education bestowed upon you by your parents and society has not strengthened you enough to collect your wits enough to be a responsible and contributing person towards society and now you have to go" so please don't let all these lame justifications make excuses and think that the results are from some unknown dark past and it's okay that there is some perverted justification to this disease because you personally will feel better that you have made an effort to "understand" and "release" these animals to a lame prison sentence or back into society.
Why don't you spend all the time and resources on the helpless victims, the CHILD, who is totally defenseless, why don't you spend the time and resources to find out how to avert and eliminate such crimes, there is a way but you really don't want to face it do you?


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