Low Flight

Found this at Helis.com


by Anonymous
Dedicated to all Helicopter Pilots

Oh, I've slipped the surly bonds of earth
And hov'rd out of ground effect on semi-rigid blades
Earthward I've auto'ed and met the rising brush of
non-paved terrain
And done a thousand things you'd never care to
Skidded and dropped and flared
Low in the heat soaked roar,
Confined there, I've chased the earthbound traffic
And lost the race to insignificant headwinds;
Forward and up a little in ground effect
I've topped the General's hedge with drooping turns
Where never Phantom or even Mustang flew,
Shaking and pulling collective, I've lumbered
The low, untresspassed halls of victor airways,
Put out my hand and touched..........a TREE!!!


- hfs

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