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I wanted to talk a little more about Soldiers' Angels. Holly Aho has a post up about her delivery of a laptop from Project Valour-IT. You can read about it HERE. What an incredible person (I'll let you figure out who I am talking about!).

Holly also posts about another way you can get involved. Adopting a soldier is a big committment - one that many people are unable to make. And that's ok - not everyone has the time, the money, or the inclination to do so. But if you ARE wanting to help, there IS a way you can...join the "LETTER WRITING TEAM". Kind of like "Pen Pals in BDUs" (or is that DCUs? ACUs? aw, heck...).

In my own personal SA news, I just popped off a letter to my adopted soldier...we'll call him Dan (don't want to divulge his real name but it's easier than saying "my adopted soldier"). Nothing huge - just a "hi! how are ya?" letter along with a handy little survey that will help me get to know Dan and (hopefully) send him care packages he enjoys. Which reminds me, it's about time to put another one together for BIL (the one in Afghanistan).


One of the first things I do in the morning is check Greyhawk's Dawn Patrol (actually it's Mrs. Greyhawk that usually puts it together!) and this morning, I read something that made my blood boil and made me smile at the same time. All I have to say about it is I sure wish I had been there! Go SMASH!!!

SMASH vs. the Moonbats

Talk about calling someone out on the carpet. Awesome. Simply awesome!!!

That's about it for now. Our health seems to be back on track (though I'm not feeling 100% but I slept horribly last night so I'm chalking it up to that). MacGyver is back at work today (thank GOODNESS!!!) and the kids are good. Hopefully that will be our one big "sick" for the year.


- hfs

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