Parents' Night Out

Living away from family and close friends can be tough, especially if you have children. I'm not one to trust my kids with people I don't know WELL so finding time and opportunity to go out for the evening with my husband can be difficult. Luckily, the CDC (Child Development Center) on post hosts "Parents' Night Out" each month. It's wonderful! I know the staff there and my kids know them. I have the kids enrolled there and utilize the hourly care occasionally so they are familiar with the facility and the staff.

"Parents' Night Out" gives MacGyver and I a chance to actually go on a DATE. Last night, we had gift certificates to Macaroni Grill so we headed downtown to wander around the Ala Moana mall and grab dinner together. One of the stores we wandered into was Williams-Sonoma. Definitely one of my favorites and definitely out of my league. But it's nice to browse. As we were browsing, we came across this incredible range. MacGyver was gutsy enough to ask it's price...$32,000. You can catch a glimpse of it HERE. Yes, that is a $32 with THREE zeroes behind it. All together, all of the vehicles we own do not add up to that much money. The first person that popped into my mind was the Food Whore herself. I'm sure she is well-versed in pieces of art such as this but this was a new experience for me. I was in awe. I tried not to drool on it. Really.

But, wow.

One of these days, when we build our dream house up in the Rocky Mountains, I *might*...just MIGHT...have something like this. Doubt it, but a girl can dream, right?

The food was good - I would definitely recommend the Pasta Milano. Good flavor, good portion. And it helped that the gift certificates we had offset the cost of the entire meal by at least 50%. Then, to top off the evening, we stopped at Baskin-Robbins for some ice cream. Yum.

It was great to reconnect with MacGyver too. Rarely do we get time to just hang out like we used to. I'm not bemoaning that fact - I love spending time as a family with the kids. But I savor the time MacGyver and I have on our own too. I'm sure as this deployment draws closer, I'll savor it even more.

Regarding my last post, I wanted to clarify the fact that I'm not really frustrated with the FRG. Or even the command, really (though, if I find out that they knew about the deployment orders and held off on getting the word out, I might be a little irked). My frustration lies with the fact that someone leaked it to the media before the chain of command was able to properly let the families know. This deployment is shocking news to NO ONE, though the news story would have you believe otherwise, but it is (in my opinion) disrespectful to the families of those being deployed to jump the gun and not allow to find out through traditional channels.

I'm bitching over NOTHING. Really. I know that. It just hit me wrong at the moment so I vented. I have a feeling that I will be doing that a lot more as time goes on. But for now, my hackles are back down and life is good.

I just got done reading a new military spouse book, While They're at War. The author is a military spouse - her husband is a chaplain - and a Quaker who wrestled with her how feelings on the war as well as telling the story of several other military spouses who faced the deployment of their loved ones. I would definitely rank it as one of the better military spouse-written books I have read. There were times, as she described the notification process when a soldier had died, that I had to put the book down and walk away. Not a good idea to burst into tears at your daughter's dance class...

But she did a good job detailing a lot of the assistance that is available to spouses and families during a deployment as well as taking a pretty non-judgemental look at how different people cope with a deployment. I would definitely recommend reading this one.

MacGyver pointed out that, even though he won't be around for our anniversary this year, he WILL be here for our anniversary NEXT year which will be the big 1-0. I hadn't thought about that. Before we found out we were moving to Hawaii, we talked about what we would do for our 10th anniversary and it was either a cruise to some place tropical or a trip (sans children) to Colorado for a week. Given our current location, I'm thinking that I will be planning a trip to Colorado. And, given the timing of this deployment, he *should* be getting back just in time. That will be WONDERFUL. And, being the planner that I am, I'll be planning the trip now (even though we are more than 18 months away from taking it) so I can get an idea of cost and start squirreling away money for it.

Colorado in the fall...ah, I can't WAIT!!!

And on that note...


- hfs

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