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First, if I'm not mistaken, SOMEONE has a birthday today. 29, right Matt? Keep an eye out for that FedEx guy.

Second, I was going to post about Joel Stein and his ignorance but I just have no inclination to waste any good f-bombs on such a waste of oxygen. Besides, so many others (who are much more articulate than I) have already done so.

I frequent several military spouse related chat boards. I find that they are a wonderful way to meet other military spouses and can be an incredible lifeline in this nomadic lifestyle I live. The big topic up for debate on one website is that of spouses choosing to stay on this rock vs those who choose to head back to the mainland during a deployment. Some of the people on this board that I am referring to are actually coming across as judgemental toward those who choose to head back to the mainland.

You have to be kidding me! Granted, I pretend to be angry with my good friend who is going through a relatively high risk pregnancy while parenting 2 very creative and energetic small children and facing an impending deployment. All while living thousands of miles away from family and after having done so for 3 years and through 1 other deployment. She knows I'm joking (D...you KNOW I'm joking, right???). It's a personal decision - one that the spouse must make for the best of the FAMILY. The old saying, "If mama ain't happy, ain't NO ONE happy." comes to mind. No decision is better or worse than another and NO decision is worthy of judgement from someone who has never walked a mile in my shoes. The audacity of some people just boggles my mind.

We have decided to stay here. It is what is best for THIS family. For my friend, going home is what is best for HER FAMILY. Who can pass judgement on that?

I'm tired. I'm tired of debating and arguing and stressing and worrying and analyzing and dreading. And we're still several months out. Good grief. I think I need a break. Yep. A break. I'll catch you all next week sometime.


- hfs

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