Soldiers' Angels needs help

Angels Needed

Soldiers' Angels has received over 500 adoption submissions from soldiers during the past week. These men and women have volunteered to serve our country and deserve our support.

Although SA has a "re-enlistment" rate of about 75% among existing Angels who re-adopt after their soldiers' redeployments, we would love to welcome new Angels to the SA family!

If you've been thinking about doing SOMETHING, now is your chance. Becoming a Soldiers' Angel is not hard nor is it expensive. And it's rewarding.

Speaking of becoming a Soldiers' Angel, I'm getting ready to send off my first care package to Dan (my adopted soldier). Nothing fancy - some Hawaiiana (cookies, coffee, chocolate covered macadamia nuts) and some Valentine's candy along with a handmade card from Princess Trouble. Nice and simple. See? Nothing to it. While I'm at the PO, I'll be picking up some "Flat Rate" boxes to use next time around (need to start getting a care package ready to send to BIL in Afghanistan. I'm going for the "Happy St. Patrick's Day theme...any suggestions? Legal ones...please).

Getting back to the original reason for the post, Soldiers' Angels needs your help. They are an amazing organization with a pure purpose - that is something that cannot be said about many philanthropic organizations these days. You can find out more about Soldiers' Angels HERE.

And, if outright adoption of a soldier isn't for you, there is another opportunity: The Letter Writing Team. Less committment, full impact.



- hfs

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