This week's spotlight...

...shines on Camp Katrina blog.

"Proving that the United States' military does much more than kill people and break things", Spc. Phil Van Treuren highlights some of the humanitarian efforts of the US military as well as some of the good news about our military that the MSM often fails to put out there.

From the website:
Go camping every weekday for a Mega-Dose of stuff about the U.S. military's humanitarian side.

At Camp Katrina, we're telling the good news about our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines!


The Camp Katrina Blog was originally created to share the stories of soldiers who were mobilized in Operation Vigilant Relief following Hurricane Katrina. Since then, the blog has evolved to focus on stories and good news showing that our military is the most virtuous humanitarian force in the world.

And since Operation Vigilant Relief stands as such a great example of the humanitarian work our military does, we stuck with the name.


And I'm not the only one to feel this way about this blog. Mister Snitch has highlighted Camp Katrina as one of the blogs that should be turned into a TV show. The current debate on CKB is WHO should play Spc. Treuren on the show. Matt LeBlanc and Nick Lachey have been mentioned but I suspect that neither of them could handle the portrayal of intelligence very well. I'll have to ponder this a bit before I cast my vote.

Head on over to Camp Katrina and check it out!


- hfs

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