Abu Ghraib photos, again

For the love of all things holy, can't we get past this? Talk about beating a DEAD HORSE. And why is it that media outlets such as the Washington Post will publish pictures such as these but they won't publish the offensive Danish cartoons? Damn cowards. It's not about "respect for the Muslim community" as it is FEAR of the Muslim community.

Hypocritical cowards.

If you want to see the REAL photos out of Abu Ghraib, go check them out.

More here, here, here, and here.

I think I'd rather go back to hearing about the non-story of Cheney shooting his friend. Good grief.


- hfs


Anonymous said...

I really do not get what you are after. These pix of the prison and what is done there, you think they should not be shown, or they are not true, or they do not matter? Instead you would prefer Army propaganda of hospital pix taken recenty of citizens of Iran who are not being tortured. Well I guess you had troops and this prison the whole tme did you not? So you can show us pix taken even the same day guys were being tortured, beaten, forced into disgusting postures, bitten by dogs, killed. Why not side by side? Are you trying to say the Iraqis are lucky that some of them were helped?
And what are you at with the comments on the Danish thing. Do you mean to say there is no difference, of that one outranks the other. If you get people to believe some group is unhuman, people will do vile things to them, so you seem to be saying the Danish cartoons are tending to lead to what was done in the prison, so I guess there is some kind of a link.
It is wrong to torture. It is right that doctors treat whoever is presented at the hospital. What is new in all this.

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