Chickens and Hypocrites...

For the love of GOD...

Can we PLEASE stop running around like chickens with our heads cut off? I understand the concern over the Dubai Ports World deal. I get it. Initially, my reaction was similar to that of many other people. I wondered what the HELL the government was thinking when it "allowed" a deal like this to go through.

But the more I learned, the less uncomfortable (notice I didn't say "more comfortable"...I am not thoroughly comfortable with foreign companies or governments having a hand in the activities at our ports, borders, or airports) I became.

Before any of you decide to go running around like Chicken Little, proclaiming "THE SKY IS FALLING!", do a little digging yourself and THEN form an opinion. For those of you who don't want to dig, you can read my opinion instead. And here it is:

1. we are trying to slam a barn door shut after the cows have not only escaped but have made their way to California where all of the cows are happy. More than 3/4 of our port facilities ARE CURRENTLY UNDER CONTROL OF FOREIGN COMPANIES. And before you go spouting off about how Britain is a safe country and we don't need to worry about them, I will direct you to news coverage of the Londan bombings on July 7, 2005. Those were HOME-GROWN terrorists. Britain is no safer than any other country. The majority of our port facilities have been under foreign company control for a decade.

2. the Left is a bunch of flipping HYPOCRITES. The Left decries any attempt to focus security on those who fit a profile (i.e. males of Middle Eastern decent between the ages of 18 and 35) as they travel into our country. But it's ok to implement the knee-jerk reaction that we are now seeing when it comes to the Dubai Ports World deal. Hypocrites piss me off almost as much as blatant stupidity does.

3. The talking heads on TV (think Lou Dobbs...he's the one I've been watching today and the one who has caused my blood pressure to skyrocket) are the biggest bunch of idiotic nincompoops on the planet (along with the PR people in the Bush administration). I know...no surprise there, right? Ok, listen up people...


Dobbs sat up on his stage and blabbered on about how national security will be decimated by this deal.

NO IT WON'T!!!!!!!!!

The Coast Guard and DHS will continue to do the same stellar job they have been doing until now. Yes, in many ways our security needs improving and upgrading. But shutting out DPW on this deal is NOT going to make those improvements happen. Which leads me to my next point...

4. Shutting out DPW on this deal simply because they are Arab will cause us more harm than good. The UAE has been one of our biggest allies, and THE biggest Middle Eastern ally, in the War on Terror. Yes, there are security concerns. But I firmly believe that the meager security gains we might see by shutting out DPW will be overwhelmed by the loss of a good relationship with the UAE.

Monsoor Ijaz has a wonderful article detailing Why Dubai is Good for US Business. He addresses a lot of the concerns regarding UAE's past and their involvement with terrorist organizations as well as pointing out some of the benefits that we stand to recognize.

5. If this were not an election year, we would not be seeing this hypocritical tantrum that the Left is throwing. And the fact that many Republicans are also criticizing the Bush administration infuriates me. What a bunch of cowardly turncoats.

6. We would be better served to allow this DPW deal to go through and focus this energy and debate on the fact that our BORDERS with Mexico and (even more concerning, if you ask me) Canada remain WIDE OPEN. It drives me insane that 1/2 of Washington has their panties in a wad over the DPW deal while the backdoor stands WIDE OPEN.

Hypocrites. Every single last one of them. Running around like chickens with their little heads cut off.


- hfs

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