MilBlogger Conference

2006 MilBlog Conference

Andi, over at Andi's World has been scarce for the past few weeks. Now we know why!

Washington, D.C. will play host to the very first (hopefully annual) MilBlog Conference. There will be 300 seats available with 150 of those reserved for military members and their families. In attendance will be bloggers such as :

Austin Bay
Buzz Patterson
Chuck and Carren
Matt from Blackfive

and many, many others. The opportunity to meet so many people that I admire all in one day is almost too much to fathom. MacGyver may possibly be off on a field exercise so I'm going to have to be creative on this one - both logistically as well as financially.

But if it is meant to be, it will happen.

Time to go scavenge the house for things to put up on eBay in order to start raising some money!!! (you think I'm kidding but I'm NOT!)


- hfs

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