Pity Party for me

This deployment isn't even HERE yet and I'm already hating it. We've been here just over a year and I've made some good friends. One of them leaves the island permanently in less than a month.

She's pregnant and has 2 other children ages 4 and 2 and is rightfully heading home to have the baby as well as slog through this upcoming deployment. I am thrilled that everything seems to be working out for her.

But I'm SO sad to be losing such a good friend.

So sad.

And in a few more months, another good friend will be heading home as well. I'm not going to have anyone to play with. *pout*

Leaving Alaska was hard. We made some lifelong friends there. Friends that I miss desperately to this day. Ditto Alabama. And, amazingly (since we were only there for 8 months) Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

And now, here I am again. Having to say good bye to good friends is one of those drawbacks to military life (along with having to say goodbye to babysitters and hairstylists!) that just SUCKS. I suppose it would be easier if I were near family or in my hometown but no, that is not meant to be either.

Pardon me for a bit. Just one of those days.


- hfs

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