Soldier Charged for Armor

I'm glad this is being taken care of. Snafus like this happen when you're dealing with a behemoth bureaucracy like the government. Not that that makes it right or excuses it but I doubt, seriously, that the Amry or the DoD set out to screw THIS soldier.

That being said, someone needs to go have a "chat" with said battalion commander that refused to sign the waiver. I mean, c'mon. Where is the common sense? They guy just about had his arm blown off and the battalion commander is going to ping him for not having the wherewithall while he's trying NOT to bleed to death to hang on to his armor? Please.

However, I don't know that General Schoomaker needed to be dressed down on this one. I'm definitely not one for Chain of Command procedures (want it done right? go see the mucky-muck) but taking this all the way to Schoomaker makes me think that they used a sledgehammer to kill a fly.

Overkill, people. Overkill.

And shame on Senator Byrd...for many things, but primarily for using this situation and this soldier as a means to assail the Army Chief of Staff.


On my way to take Princess Trouble to ballet class, I was listening to Laura Ingraham who is over in Iraq at the moment. She was talking with a Chaplain and he made a comment that I had not given thought to prior to today. He said that, for the most part, the entire community of junior enlisted personnel in the military today enlisted after September 11, 2001. That most of them volunteered to join the military in a time of war.

Think about that.

Would YOU? If it were your spouse, would you object if he/she chose to enlist, given the current world political climate?

When MacGyver enlisted, the concept of war/deployments/etc. was there but it was a distant, foggy, far-off possibility. The worst thing that I thought we would face as a military couple was a 1 year unaccompanied tour in Korea.

Then September 11th happened. Instantly, literally instantly, our life as a military family changed. I honestly did not expect my husband to come home that night. I expected him to deploy - somewhere, anywhere, with a weapon to defend our country. I did not expect him to be there for the birth of our daughter a few days later. I did not expect him to be home for Christmas that year. Instantly, a 1 year unaccompanied tour in Korea was looking like the EASY way.

Less than a year later, MacGyver got ready to apply to flight school. He could have served out his enslitment term and been done with the military. But he didn't. Instead, he chose to extend his committment by 6+ years. And he did so without hesitation. WE did so with out hesitation. I may not wear rank but the military is as much a part of MY life as it is a part of his.

How many other men and women have recommitted to the military since September 11, 2001? Those who have done so, and those who have come into the military since then, have done so for one reason and one reason alone: to serve their country.

They did not do so for the college money. They did not do so for the job training (though both of those are perks). They did so in order that my children may never HAVE to.

And for that, I am eternally greatful.


- hfs

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