Tom Toles and the Washington Post

I've been trying to formulate a coherent thought that does not contain the f-bomb regarding Tom Toles' editorial cartoon in the Washington Post (don't know what I'm talking about? Go HERE). Instead, I'll direct you to Blackfive's site again so you can read the compilation of responses he has up.

CPT Z has his own wonderful version of Mr. Troll's, er, I mean Mr. Toles' cartoon up but my favorite respones is that by the "MilBlog poet laureate", Russ Vaughn, who has some words for the Washington Post:

WaPo Weasels

Wanna draw a soldier, Toles? Here I am,

Back with all four limbs from Vietnam.

You wanna draw pictures of fighting men?

Just tell me where and tell me when.

I’ll give you a pose to impress any viewer,

Your punk arty ass comatose in the sewer.

Like all of your kind you don’t have a clue

Who fightin’ men are and what fightin’ men do.

That you, your kind, you effete panty waists,

With Hollywood morals, metrosexual tastes,

Would taunt a brave warrior’s fight for life,

Mock his loss, his pain, deride his strife;

And use his sorrow to support your screed,

With no concern for the warrior’s need,

Tells me you are clueless of the facts of war,

You’re a cut ‘n run, spineless, media whore.

Go to Walter Reed hospital, smug Mr. Toles,

To see those you’ve mocked, grave injured souls

View wounded warriors with bodies so broken

And think again of the message you’ve spoken,

So abysmally ignorant, so smug condescending

That even most liberals won’t waste time defending.

So Toles it’s a fact that your most famous work

Will proclaim you forever as a pitiless jerk.

And Washington Post you’re as bad as this weasel

You gave him the forum, provided his easel.

Russ Vaughn

2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment

101st Airborne Division

Vietnam 65-66



- hfs

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