And the debate continues...

Ry, over at The Castle has said that he agrees with BCR in that small children should not fly on airplanes.

But loud kids kicking your seat is the worst, especially when the parents are incapable or uncaring to get them under control.
So I'm with BCR. If you have to go to your parents funeral but your kids aren't old enough to behave you should leave them with the sig oth and go solo. People used to do that all the time. Or skip it. Like my mother had to do for many a family funeral because she couldn't trundle a five year old back to Wisconsin from CA without screwing over a room full of people along the way.

This is really bugging me. I agree with him in terms of the beginning of his comment - that used to be, children could be admonished by the adults around them and it was the norm and that there was a higher level of expecation in terms of public behavior. Not anymore.

However, I do not agree that I should have to miss a family funeral or other family gathering just because I have small children. That is neither realiztic nor fair. And as a military family in this day and age, leaving the kids with my husband and going solo is a pipe dream. Between training schedules and deployments, that just is not possible. Boy, do I wish!

Besides, since when are SMALL children the only ones to act up on an airplane? Last time we flew, it was the pre-teens that were the bigger disturbance than my 2 and 4 year olds.

I think, instead of barring families with small children from ever leaving their homes with said children until they are 18, society needs to get its act together and raise the level of expectation as it pertains to public behavior. And we need to start holding parents strictly accountable for their childrens' behavior. But forcing them to stay home will not teach the child how to behave in public.


- hfs

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