House hunting sucks

What is it with people? We live in the age of technology where digital cameras are almost as commonplace as cell phones. Yet property managers and homeowners who are listing homes for rent seem to be UNABLE to take pictures of the property they are listing. Why?!? How HARD is it?

If they DO manage to post pictures of the property, they include pictures of the sunset, the trees in the front yard, and other worthless things like that. Why?!? I don't CARE what the trees in the front yard look like and (having lived here for over a year) I KNOW what the sunset looks like! I want to know what the KITCHEN looks like or the LIVING ROOM or the CLOSETS.



We took a look at the house that is just down the street from us. The current tenants hope to be gone by the middle of June. It's a 3BR/3BA like what we are in now but it is a 2 story and the kitchen is only about 2/3 the size of our kitchen. There is no central a/c but that's ok. And there are no ceiling fans but MacGyver has already proven his skill at installing them. It looks like this house has a smidge more closet space than our current house.

The current tenants will let their property management company know they are vacating sometime in April. Hopefully (PLEASE GOD!!!) the property management company will be willing to rent directly to us without listing the house for rent elsewhere.

So in a month or so we *should* have a better idea of where things stand. Then it will be a matter of coming up with the deposit money and moving our stuff. Lots of pizza and beer will be offered to anyone with muscles and/or a truck.


- hfs


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