It's official - we have now reached 40 days and 40 nights of rain. Yippee. We got a bit of a tease this AM - the clouds were breaking and the sun was peeking through. It was breezy and cool but pretty. I had taken the kids and was heading down to the Discovery Center for the day (I knew there was more rain coming) and by the time we were done there, the rain was back full force. Complete with lightning and thunder.

I am so absolutely sick of rain. SICK OF IT!!!!! Everything is damp. My clothes are damp. My car smells like mold (there's a bad seal on the hatchback so it leaks). MacGyver's issue smells like mold (which he tried to cover up with Fabreeze and now it smells like floral mold...blech). The a/c compressor in Stanley (my car) doesn't work so I have no defroster. It's been raining so much that I can't roll the windows down, even a smidge, because rain pours in so the windows fog up horribly which makes driving treacherous. Add to that the fact that poor Stanley needs new tires so I don't drive much when it's raining like this.

My children are tired of being cooped up in the house. I thought taking them to the Discovery Center today would help but 2/3 of the other parents on this island had the same idea along with 2 schools so it was a bit crowded. And Princess Trouble kept disappearing on me so we wound up leaving early. By the time we got home, the thunder was such that Little Man would not be left alone in a room by himself, let alone take a nap so both kids are cranky as well as tired of the rain.

Canals and rivers on the island have been turned into open sewers because they have had sewer main breaks. You can't go to the beach because the brown water attracts sharks, not to mention the bacteria from said sewer main breaks that lurk in the waters. Not that you'd want to go to the beach when it's POURING RAIN.

I have ZERO motivation and even less patience. I can't sleep. My appetite is so off it's not even funny. I just want to be somewhere dry. Preferably by my self.

Someone make it STOP. Please? Ugh.


- hfs


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