Oceanfront Property in Arizona...

We might just have some oceanfront property here if the rain doesn't let up. It hasn't been a very good day in the rainbow state. Two Marines - one FROM Hawaii and one STATIONED in Hawaii have died. And this afternoon an earthen dam broke on Kaua'i leaving one person dead, two homes swept away, and seven other people missing.

MacGyver's unit was running up birds to fly over and assist in the search and recovery effort this evening.

There is more rain forecast throughout the week. There's more HERE.


Took the kids to get portraits done today. I'm going to try posting them on their blog in a few moments. Go HERE to check them out.


A few prayer requests for those of you willing...

A good friend of mine's mother has been diagnosed with Stage IV Renal Cell Carcinoma. It's already metastisized to her lungs and lymph nodes. This is sudden and invasive and very bad news.

Another friend of mine who was already facing some financial issues due to a job loss in her family has now added some cardiological concerns regarding her baby boy to that list. Not a great week for them.

And FbL has had a lousy week, to say the least and could use all of the positive energy that we can send. It seems to be working just a wee bit but she could still use the support.

Lastly, my mom, dad, and grama could use some too. Grama moved up to live with mom and dad after Katrina rolled through and has been having some health issues (she's 92 years old...kind of to be expected). Dad is too and mom is left to deal with both of them.

Thanks everyone.


As for us, not a whole lot to report. Still no solid news on our housing situation. We are definitely moving though we don't know when or where. The lead that I have on the house a few blocks down is tenuous at best. The current tenants don't have orders yet and I'm not even sure if their property manager will rent to us outright or put the house up for viewing and make us apply like everyone else. Our timeframe is still tight and I do not forsee it opening up.

My ace in the hole (kind of...) is that Actus is hurting and offering the incentives for people to move on post. We'll see.

Ok, I'm off to try to upload these pictures.


- hfs

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