Arm chair quarterbacking

Powell Forces Rice to Defend Iraq Planning

Just back from Baghdad and eager to discuss promising developments, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice found herself knocked off message Sunday, forced to defend prewar planning and troop levels against an unlikely critic _ Colin Powell, her predecessor at the State Department.


He said he advised Bush before the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003 to send more troops to Iraq, but that the administration did not follow his recommendation.


"I made the case to General Franks and Secretary Rumsfeld before the president that I was not sure we had enough troops," Powell said in an interview on Britain's ITV television. "The case was made, it was listened to, it was considered. ... A judgment was made by those responsible that the troop strength was adequate."

Hindsight is always 20/20. Powell has always been cautious - he was in 1991 and he was in 2002. Rumsfeld and General Franks are not what I would consider to be cautious people. Intelligent, yes (though I suspect one or two of my readers would disagree with me on this). But not cautious. Bold would be a better descriptive term.

The responsibilities of the President are not ones I would ever want nor would I wish them on another. The decisions that must be made and the issues that must be faced are overwhelming for me to think about, even as an everyday citizen. I do not envy any person who stands in that position.

That being said, let's look at a few variables. Following the end of the Cold War, our military was drawn down SIGNIFICANTLY. In 2002, we were havily involved in Afghanistan, worried about Kim Jong "mentally" Il in North Korea, and planning to deal with Iraq as well as still recovering from 9/11. To say we were "busy" would be quite an understatement. Would we have been ABLE to send 500,000 troops to Iraq?

I remember reading General Franks' book and the part in which he discussed the debate over how many troops to send and the considerations that led to the decision. Someone correct me if I'm wrong (I've since returned the book to the library and can't verify this) but he talked about the logistical concerns - how would we get our troops INTO Iraq without putting them at risk due to the bottlenecking that would take place (keep in mind, we didn't have the allies set up in the same manner as Dester Storm and therefore didn't have as idea of a staging area). There was a tough decision to be made there - whether to risk our troops during the build up in order to mass an overwhelming amount of force that they were not sure would even be needed. TOUGH CALL.

Remember, thanks to previous administrations (Republican and Democrat alike) our intel had been seriously hampered and we were just beginning to see the consequences of those intel issues. We had little idea as to the nature of the insurgency that we would face. Was this President Bush's failure? Was it Donald Rumsfeld's failure? General Franks'? Or was it something bigger for which no one person can be held responsible?

Monday morning arm chair quarterbacking is an easy sport. Even the least informed and least educated people in this country can do it. And, as in Colin Powell's case, even some of the MOST informed and educated people can too. Everything is a learning opportunity.



- hfs


Unbelievable! Mayor steals from dead Marine

Mayor Won't Give Dead Marine's Money Back

It was money that he had no right to and despite a court ruling, the funeral director refused to pay. What's even more puzzling is that he's not just any debtor, he's the mayor of the small town and a member of a City Council that has financial responsibility for the city's budget.

Then WHY is he still the Mayor? Seems to me there would be something in his contract that, if he is disobeying a court ruling, he should lose his job as Mayor. If nothing else, the rest of the City Council and the citizens of Fort Lupton should force him to step down.

In fact, court records show Bostick has several current unsatisfied debts to creditors from Greeley to Montana and that doesn't include money he owed when he filed bankruptcy in 2001. He claims he is trying to repay the money.

This man appears to be a theif and has no business running a city. It's disgusting.

You can voice your opinion by e-mailing the city council at LuptonCouncil @ aol.com (no spaces) or you can do it the old fashioned way :

130 South McKinley Avenue
Fort Lupton, Colorado 80621
phone: 303-857-6694 - fax: 303-857-0351

(t/b over at Mudville Gazette)


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We are heading “home” tomorrow, the kids and I. This has been a wonderful visit and so far, free of "the curse". Hopefully the flight tomorrow will go as smoothly as the one a week ago but that remains to be seen. I am always sad when I leave SoCal. I was blessed with a truly idyllic childhood and in many ways, I miss that terribly. Not that I would trade any aspect of my life today for that but I still miss it. I miss my old house. I miss my old neighborhood. I miss my childhood friends (many of whom are still here). I miss the familiarity. But I am ready to go “home” to Hawaii and be in MY space.

The kids have had a blast with their grandparents. And I am blessed again that my children have 2 sets of grandparents that dote on them and love them unconditionally (as well as aunts and uncles who feel the same way). In that respect, my children are more fortunate than I was at their age since, by the time I was 2, I only had 50% of my grandparents still alive and did not get to see them often. Hopefully next spring, we will get to go visit the other ½ of the family for a bit.

I was able to get down to Orange County and visit MacGyver’s cousin who was hit by the (supposedly and most likely) drunk driver a little over 2 weeks ago. She is alive. She is getting better. But she is also dealing with a brain stem injury that may never fully heal. It was SO good to see her even for the brief time that I was able to do so. It was so good to hold her hand and tell her we love her and we’re praying for her. It was so good to be able to give her the letter that Princess Trouble made for her and sealed with her hug and kiss. And it was so good to see her husband and children and know that their family is going to be ok, no matter the outcome. But it tears me up inside that they are having to go through this. And the SOB that hit her will get 4 years. Nothing more. FOUR YEARS for robbing this woman of the life she was leading. Four years for robbing her three beautiful daughters of their mother, even for a short while. And four years for just about killing 2 other people. What I would give for 5 minutes with that “man”.

Another part of me is dreading going home because I know MacGyver will not be there. And while the deployment is not yet upon us, this is the dress rehearsal of sorts. The deployment feels like a Mac truck coming at my on a downhill with no brakes and every time I look in the rearview mirror, it's gaining on me and I just can't get out of its way. I'm ok as long as I don't look in the rear view mirror but when I do, it's tough to hold it together and not panic. I'm doing ok with it but every once in a while, something crops up that makes me feel like I am being punched in the stomach. Last weekend, it was the Hidden Heroes video show at the end of the Milblog conference. I had managed to hold it together through the entire weekend until I saw that video and I just about lost it.

Then this week, my MIL told me about a program that the city (the one that MacGyver and I grew up in) has implemented that places banners along the main civic streets in downtown honoring service members on active duty. So we went down there yesterday to see them put them up and I really couldn't watch because I didn't want to break down in front of my children. All three of my MIL's boys had banners up.

And then there was the conversation about passports. My in-laws are getting ready to head overseas on a trip and my MIL needs to get a passport. We talked about it and I said I need to get one before MacGyver deploys - for myself and the kids...just in case. She said that she purposefully did NOT get one while her other two boys were deployed because she worried that if she had it, she would NEED it. I, on the other hand, have the superstition that if I DON'T have it, THAT is when I will need it. And while I would much prefer making a last minute flight to Germany as opposed to opening the door to men in dress blues, I hope and pray never to have to experience either.

Most days I do ok. Some days it just overwhelms the crap out of me. Matt asked me toward the end of the pub crawl what I was going to do when MacGyver deploys. Coming from a former soldier and one with his experience, that question caught me off guard and it's still rattling around in my brain.

What am I going to do? The only way I can answer that is to say that I wil slog through one day at a time and pray that I make it through with my family in tact as well as my sanity. That's the best I CAN do, isn't it?

Tonight I Wanna Cry
by Keith Urban

Alone in this house again tonight
I got the TV on, the sound turned down and a bottle of wine
There's pictures of you and I on the walls around me
The way that it was and could have been surrounds me
I'll never get over you walkin' away

I've never been the kind to ever let my feelings show
And I thought that bein' strong meant never losin' your self-control
But I'm just drunk enough to let got of my pain
To hell with my pride, let it fall like rain
From my eyes
Tonight I wanna cry

Would it help if I turned a sad song on
"All By Myself" would sure hit me hard now that you're gone
Or maybe unfold some old yellow lost love letters
It's gonna hurt bad before it gets better
But I'll never get over you by hidin' this way

(Chorus 2x)


- hfs


Fun in D.C.

I’m sitting on a plane, 36,000 feet above the Rocky Mountains on my way back from Washington, D.C. and the 2006 Milblogging conference. What a truly incredible weekend. Not only was I able to spend time with family and friends that I already knew, I was able to meet dozens of people I admire in the milblogging world. Off the top of my head (forgive me if I forget to list you…I’m working on no more than 20 hours of sleep over the past 5 days so my brain’s a little fuzzy), I had the privilege of meeting:
• Matt from Blackfive
• Fuzzybear Lioness
• John of Castle Argghhh!
• Beth of SWWBO fame
• Kat from A Swift Kick and a Band-Aid
• Kit and Heidi from Euphoric Reality
• Rachelle from ArmyWifeToddlerMom
• Chuck and Carren Ziegenfuss
• Carla from Some Soldier's Mom
• Citizen Smash and his beautiful wife
• Captain B and Taco Bell
• Uncle Jimbo
• Sgt. B
• Maggie

I’ll give you a run down of the events as well as my thoughts on some things…

FRIDAY: I made it down to BWI to pick up FbL on time but managed to get lost on my way to the hotel in Arlington and we wound up getting stuck in Friday rush hour traffic in Georgetown. NOT a good thing and this proved to be the theme for the weekend. Luckily, it was a minor inconvenience and we got to the hotel in one piece. Unfortunately we missed out on the opportunity to support the troops over at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and counter the Code Pink knuckleheads who feel the need to protest out front. But we got cleaned up and headed over to Fran O’Brien’s for dinner. The atmosphere there is incredible. Fran’s (for those of you who don’t know) hosts a free dinner for service members recovering from wounds at Walter Reed each Friday night. It is an incredible thing for owners Hal and Marty to do and it is a blessing for those service members who are able to partake. After spending time with several bloggers and taking a few interesting photos (hey Kit! How smooth WAS that skin, anyway???), I headed back to the hotel to supposedly get some rest. Didn’t happen. My damn body is still on Hawaii time so I stayed up until about 3:30am and was up again in the morning at 6:30am. Blech.

SATURDAY: We got another late start Saturday morning and made it into the conference a few minutes after things had started. The first panel was Milblogs: Past, Present, and Future and included panelists Matt from Blackfive, Citizen Smash, John from OpFor, CJ Grisham from A Soldiers’ Perspective, and Steve from ThreatsWatch With Buzz Patterson moderating.. What an amazing panel. Steve blew me away with his insights and his thoughts on milblogging, national security, and coverage of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Smash was as humble as usual. Even though Milblogging (and blogging in general) is a relatively new medium, it is fascinating to see how far it has come in such a short time as well as getting a glimpse of where things are headed.

The second panel was Milblogging: A Family Affair and included Chuck and Carren Ziegenfuss, Carla of Some Soldier’s Mom, and Deb from Marine Corps Moms. To listen to them relate their stories and their thoughts on how the mainstream media has handled the news from Iraq and Afghanistan was interesting. They talked about the deficiencies in the MSM coverage – the presenting of facts thought to be important by the MSM and not ALL of the facts, the unattributed assertations, and the lack of balance overall in the coverage. Chuck and Carren had their own thoughts (as usual) on the coverage by the MSM as well.

The third panel was moderated by COL David Hunt (he’s appeared on FoxNews, CNN as a military adviser and has the trademark gravelly voice reminiscent of a bulldog) and he pushed them hard. A lot of people were put off by his approach to this panel and felt that he was being unnecessarily harsh on the panelists which included Bill Roggio of the Fourth Rail, CPT B from One Marine’s View, Michael Fay of Fire and Ice, Jeff from Dadmanly, and Fred from In Iraq for 365. I didn’t see it that way. At first, I was taken aback by his aggressive questions. He pushed them to clarify what certain acronyms were. He pushed them to clarify their answers to certain questions. He pushed them pretty hard and it threw some people for a loop.

But I realized that he wasn’t doing so to emasculate them or embarrass them. He was playing devil’s advocate. He was pushing them to not only clarify their thoughts and ideas (and complaints specifically about the way the MSM has handled the news out of Iraq and Afghanistan) but to go beyond the complaints and offer solutions. He wanted them to be able to step beyond the role of military member and bridge the gap that exists between the military and the civilian world. Because less than 2% of our population serves in the military, there is a HUGE chasm between the civilian and military world. The MSM is not bridging that gap adequately for the most part. So it is up to US as milbloggers, as military members, and as military family members to bridge that gap. Otherwise public support for the military will wane and we, as a country cannot afford that.

COL Hunt wanted those panelists to step up and not just complain about the poor coverage of the War on Terror by the MSM. He wanted them to clarify their ideas and offer solutions. Otherwise, we become what it is we dislike so much about “The Left” – the incessant whining and lack of plausible solutions being offered. Unfortunately, no one on the panel really understood what it was COL Hunt was trying to do and he caught them off guard. Rather than rise to the challenge, it seems as though they had trouble regaining their footing and I don’t know that the COL got was he was looking for.

HOWEVER, I thought it was the best panel of the conference. The questions were pointed and direct. The answers, though not quite what the COL seemed to be digging for, were thoughtful, insightful, and encouraging in that they show that there ARE people within the military who have the ability to make themselves assets.

At the end of the conference, they re-ran a video called Hidden Heroes that had been played at the beginning of the conference. In a way, I am glad I missed the beginning and that video – it is one about the sacrifices military families make during times of deployment. I had a hard enough time watching it at the end of the conference. I can only imagine how tough the day would have been if I had watched it at the beginning. This deployment is coming entirely too fast.

After the conference ended, there was a pub crawl set up in Georgetown. Despite the rain, many of the bloggers came out though there were several key players missing – Captain B and Taco Bell flaked on us. You guys were missed!

But the rest of us soldiered on (pun intended) though we never made it to all of the pubs listed. I learned many interesting things about my fellow bloggers that night. I learned that Kit is hilarious and that we should probably never been in the same city at the same time from now on or we will get into serious trouble.. I learned that Maggie thinks she doesn’t have an accent and has no problems with full moons. I learned firsthand that Chuck Ziegenfuss is even funnier in person than on his blog and that his wife Carren is a SAINT. I learned that FbL is a lightweight just like me (see, we are twins!) and that Matty from Blackfive is a sweet and funny drunk. I learned that Rachelle from ArmyWifeToddlerMom should live closer to me though it’s probably wise that she doesn’t because we would get into lots of trouble.

Personally I think the pub crawl ended entirely too damn early and I’m SHOCKED that these people – WARRIORS – wussed out so early in the evening. Then again, it might have been because not only was I not drinking, my body is still on Hawaii time.

There were some moments over the past weekend that stick out in my mind and that I will never forget.

1. The atmosphere at Fran O’Brien’s. There was electricity in the air that was palpable. Between the excitements of meeting friends we had never seen in person before and the energy coming from the situation surrounding the closure of Fran’s, the evening was incredible.
2. The Iraqi man standing up and, in broken English, telling us that the day Americans liberated Iraq from Saddam’s control was the first day they became truly human. He begged us to stick with them.
3. Listening to Chuck and Carren Ziegenfuss recount that fateful day back in June 2005. I don’t know that there was a dry eye in the house…well, except Uncle Jimbo because, according to him, he has no feelings.
4. The shenanigans in the chat room and watching Heidi of Euphoric Reality try her best to imitate a pig while Capt. B sits up on stage gawking at her.
5. The pub crawl. ‘Nuff said.

I am sure I will have more once my jet-lagged brain has time to process everything. I want to thank Andi of Andi’s World for putting this all together. I cannot tell you how much this meant to me to be able to attend and I am SO looking forward to the next one!

Fuzzy…thanks for being my roomie and yes, you do snore! But that’s ok – I was tired and I’m used to snoring. Made me feel like I was home!

NOTE : it's late and I'm exhausted. I will come back tomorrow and insert links when I get a chance. I apologize. What are you going to do? Fire me? heh.


- hfs


T minus 4 days

and counting! Tomorrow we take off for SoCal and then I'm on to DC for the MilBlog Conference. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this! I'll try to blog while I'm there (and in SoCal) but I might be a little overwhelmed by it all.

In other news, MacGyver's cousin is still fighting. She was given a tracheotomy last night to help her breathe and eventually they will wean her off the ventillator completely. She is making progress but there is some swelling and possible damage to her brain stem, the extent of which will not be known for some time. Her friend has taken a turn for the worse and both of the families could use all of the prayers and positive energy you can possibly spare. I am hoping to get to the hospital to see her while I am in town.

Still no word on the housing situation. Maybe when I get back there will be some good news. NTC seems to be a "go" for MacGyver though it is still a major "charlie foxtrot" and I am literally in awe of how big of a FUBAR this whole thing is. Yet another reason women should run the military.

Michael Yon has a new dispatch up that is worth the read (well, they ALL are but this one really struck a chord with me) in the meantime. Have a great week!


- hfs


Is this how you feel...

...at the END of the day?

Image hosting by Photobucket


Today is mental health day! You can do your part by remembering to pass this along to a mentally unstable friend (I've done MY part!)


- hfs


Fran O'Brien roundup

I'm behind the ball on this one but here is a partial round up of information on the Fran O'Brien situation. My hope is to get in there while I'm in D.C. mainly to thank them for all that they have done for our soldiers (and sailors, Marines, and airmen) and to let them know that they have my support.

Euphoric Reality

Marathon Pundit

Riehl World View

Freedom Folks

Hugh Hewitt (cool!)

The Empty Mind

Mudville Gazette


Villainous Company

Metroblogging DC


A Rose By Any Other Name

Power and Control

Most Certainly Not


Don Surber

Landry's Life - scroll down a bit and you'll see a picture of a bus that takes wounded soldiers to dinner at Fran O'Brien's

Fuzzilicious Thinking

Blue Crab Boulevard




You Betcha I'm a Proud Army Mom

Kathy Shepard
Vice President - Corporate Communications
Hilton Hotels Corporation

Atish Shah - Vice President - Investor Relations

Linda Bain - Vice President of Group Communications

Madeleine Kleiner - Executive Vice President, Corporate Secretary and General Counsel

Via Greyhawk
If you are so inclined I would like to ask you to call and/or email the following two officials at the Hilton and voice your support for Hal and Marty and express your concern for the reasoning behind this seemingly arbitrary decision. Please call them tomorrow or Friday and feel free to share this with anyone else who might be willing to call.

Here are the people to call:

*Dan Boyle (212) 838-1558

Brian Kellaher (202) 393-1000*

Like Lex said...

Do it.

Do it for them.

For the rest of their lives, they will live with the consequences of what they did for you.


- hfs


I apologize

for the lack of posting lately. I have a lot of balls in the air right now and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed (ok, a LOT overwhelmed).

First, an update on MacGyver's cousin...she is still in ICU and still in critical condition. Until yesterday, the doctors were optimistic about her recover and eventual return to a normal life. However, over the past 24 hours things have taken a few steps back and the optimisim has diminished a bit. From her Caring Bridge website :

Yesterday Stacy was not able to move on command still. It had been three days of this thus far, so the doctors were concerned. They ordered two MRI's and a MRA to investigate her cerival spine and brain again. This morning the told me they thought she may have had a stroke. But after a few more hours of study they revised that to a "torquing" of her brain stem. They feel that it may still be in tact, but there's swelling in that area. They just sent Stacy in for an angiogram to check out the blood vessels in that area of the head. I will keep you posted as to the status of that when she gets out.

Some good news though...KCAL is reporting that they caught the SOB that hit her. What I would give for 5 minutes alone with him when I get to SoCal next week...

If you have a moment, I'm sure that the families of Stacy and her friend would appreciate it.

My dad is out of the hospital but the docs are holding off on surgery for his bladder cancer because of the risk of stroke. But he's feeling better so that is good.

Our housing situation is still a mess. We looked at a house that we really like but the timing is off and we don't really have the money to make it work out the way it needs to. So we're back to square one and a lot of limbo. Ugh.

MacGyver is leaving for NTC in the near future which is good and bad. He's looking forward to being an Observer/Controller and getting a bird's eye view of the whole shebang and I'm glad he's going but at the same time, it would be easier if he were here due to this looming move. Ah, well.

Like I said - too many balls in the air.

I do want to give you all a heads up on something...the Hilton is closing down Fran O'Brien's across from Walter Reed Army Medical Center. This is a huge travesty for reasons I don't have time to list. Please go HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, or HERE to learn more.

They need all the help they can get on this one - they are up against a huge corporation that doesn't seem to be playing fair on this one. Pass the word please.

Blogging will be light for the next 2 weeks or so. I'm heading out this coming week to the MilBlog Conference which should be an incredible event and very informative. Hopefully when I get back, life will have calmed down a bit and I might be able to put a few of those balls down for a few minutes. Maybe.


- hfs


The Sound of Silence

MacGyver was kind enough to "share" his cold with me. It hasn't hit me fully yet but it HAS hit my voice and it's fading FAST. I suspect it will be gone by tomorrow.

This is going to be fun. Try getting two strong-willed children to mind with NO voice. Good thing my kids know some basic sign language.

We have a line on another house. This one is a stone's throw from our current location and is coming available at the beginning of May. Which presents its own problems with MacGyver heading off to NTC soon. If we do decide to rent that house, I'm hoping I can round up enough help while he's gone to get moved before he gets back. Wouldn't THAT be a testament to the power of an independent military wife?!?

Still no definative word on WHEN MacGyver heads out for his training. Gotta love that. The lines of communication are, um, lacking right now. IF they push MacGyver's departure date back to next week, I might be able to send Little Man with HIM which would make the entire trip a LOT more bearable. We'll see. My track record with good luck isn't so great right now.

And I need to ask for some prayers and good thoughts right now. MacGyver's cousin was hit by a man driving a stolen car over the weekend while out jogging. She's in intensive care right now in a drug-induced coma with a head injury, 2 broken legs (one compound and one closed fracture), and assorted bruises and cuts. Her friend who was also hit is in even worse shape.

In addition to that, my daddy is in the hospital after having had a minor stroke (no lasting effects, thank GOD) and has also found out that the cancer he has is aggressive and will need surgery to treat it. He's going to be ok but it's still stressful for him and my mom who is also dealing with my Grama and HER health concerns as well as working full time. Nothing a winning lottery ticket won't fix.

And if anyone is well-versed in elder-care, I'd appreciate some help ferreting out assistance for my parents and Grama. Thanks!


- hfs


If you're not part of the solution...

...you're part of the problem.

Drivers fill up to be $3-a-gallon gasoline

Yes, gas prices here are higher than the mainland and yes, gas prices are comparatively high across the nation. But, given the rate of inflation over the past 20-30 years, gas prices are lower than what they *should* be (if we were to compare adjusted-for-inflation 1970s gas prices with today's gas prices). AND the people that gripe over the fact that Hawai'i's gas prices are higher than just about everywhere else in the country...um, we live TWENTY-FIVE-HUNDRED-MILES from the mainland. At this point in time, we have not perfected the science of teleportation. Therefore the oil companies have to actually PAY to ship their product here. Fascinating concept, eh?

The ones that really drive me over the edge (it's not a long trip, I guarantee you) are the ones that drive gas-guzzlers and then gripe about the price of gas.

Troy Yach, general sales manager at CompUSA, moved his family from Hawai'i Kai to a new home on North King Street two weeks ago, specifically to reduce how much gas his 2001 Ford Expedition SUV sucks up each day.

You have to be kidding me. This guy is willing to uproot his household rather than buy a car that gets decent gas mileage?!? Idiot.

Priorities, people. Priorities.

I understand that some families are large and therefore need larger cars. But there are larger cars and even some SUVs out there that DO get decent gas mileage. The 2001 Ford Expedition is NOT one of them!

Yes, the price of gas these days is a bummer. But there are things that we, as consumers, can do to minimize the impact of gas prices on our daily lives. Sitting around with our thumbs in certain orifices doing nothing but bitching isn't one of them.


- hfs


One year

The old saying "What a difference a year makes" doesn't really hold true here. The reality is still the same, awful reality it was a year ago.

Teresa has a good idea on how to honor the memories of those lost on Big Windy Two Five last April. My donation to Soldiers' Angels will go in this afternoon.

We miss you Chuck. Gwen - you and the kids are in our thoughts and prayers daily.


- hfs



Seems that this week is full of questions with few answers. For instance...

+ WHY do adults feel the need to act like children? Why, when something doesn't go the way someone WANTS it to go, they feel the need to tattle and whine about it rather than either letting it roll off their back or taking action to make the situation better?

+ WHY do adults who are too old and too out of shape feel the need to wear clothing designed for a waifish 12 year old? And why do those people feel that the norms of society (such as courtesy or taking turns) do not apply to them?

+ WHY do bosses feel the need to place blame on people who had no control (nor any obligation of said control) over a situation that ended in tragedy? Is it because he was feeling guilty that the tragedy technically occurred on his watch? He had no more control over the situation than did anyone else.

+ WHY do people go swimming in the ocean when it was just a few days ago that raw sewage was flowing freely into that same water?



- hfs


Wrote this six years ago. Nothing's changed.  One of my favorite movies is 'Bull Durham'. And one of my favorite scenes in ...