Fran O'Brien roundup

I'm behind the ball on this one but here is a partial round up of information on the Fran O'Brien situation. My hope is to get in there while I'm in D.C. mainly to thank them for all that they have done for our soldiers (and sailors, Marines, and airmen) and to let them know that they have my support.

Euphoric Reality

Marathon Pundit

Riehl World View

Freedom Folks

Hugh Hewitt (cool!)

The Empty Mind

Mudville Gazette


Villainous Company

Metroblogging DC


A Rose By Any Other Name

Power and Control

Most Certainly Not


Don Surber

Landry's Life - scroll down a bit and you'll see a picture of a bus that takes wounded soldiers to dinner at Fran O'Brien's

Fuzzilicious Thinking

Blue Crab Boulevard




You Betcha I'm a Proud Army Mom

Kathy Shepard
Vice President - Corporate Communications
Hilton Hotels Corporation

Atish Shah - Vice President - Investor Relations

Linda Bain - Vice President of Group Communications

Madeleine Kleiner - Executive Vice President, Corporate Secretary and General Counsel

Via Greyhawk
If you are so inclined I would like to ask you to call and/or email the following two officials at the Hilton and voice your support for Hal and Marty and express your concern for the reasoning behind this seemingly arbitrary decision. Please call them tomorrow or Friday and feel free to share this with anyone else who might be willing to call.

Here are the people to call:

*Dan Boyle (212) 838-1558

Brian Kellaher (202) 393-1000*

Like Lex said...

Do it.

Do it for them.

For the rest of their lives, they will live with the consequences of what they did for you.


- hfs


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