I apologize

for the lack of posting lately. I have a lot of balls in the air right now and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed (ok, a LOT overwhelmed).

First, an update on MacGyver's cousin...she is still in ICU and still in critical condition. Until yesterday, the doctors were optimistic about her recover and eventual return to a normal life. However, over the past 24 hours things have taken a few steps back and the optimisim has diminished a bit. From her Caring Bridge website :

Yesterday Stacy was not able to move on command still. It had been three days of this thus far, so the doctors were concerned. They ordered two MRI's and a MRA to investigate her cerival spine and brain again. This morning the told me they thought she may have had a stroke. But after a few more hours of study they revised that to a "torquing" of her brain stem. They feel that it may still be in tact, but there's swelling in that area. They just sent Stacy in for an angiogram to check out the blood vessels in that area of the head. I will keep you posted as to the status of that when she gets out.

Some good news though...KCAL is reporting that they caught the SOB that hit her. What I would give for 5 minutes alone with him when I get to SoCal next week...

If you have a moment, I'm sure that the families of Stacy and her friend would appreciate it.

My dad is out of the hospital but the docs are holding off on surgery for his bladder cancer because of the risk of stroke. But he's feeling better so that is good.

Our housing situation is still a mess. We looked at a house that we really like but the timing is off and we don't really have the money to make it work out the way it needs to. So we're back to square one and a lot of limbo. Ugh.

MacGyver is leaving for NTC in the near future which is good and bad. He's looking forward to being an Observer/Controller and getting a bird's eye view of the whole shebang and I'm glad he's going but at the same time, it would be easier if he were here due to this looming move. Ah, well.

Like I said - too many balls in the air.

I do want to give you all a heads up on something...the Hilton is closing down Fran O'Brien's across from Walter Reed Army Medical Center. This is a huge travesty for reasons I don't have time to list. Please go HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, or HERE to learn more.

They need all the help they can get on this one - they are up against a huge corporation that doesn't seem to be playing fair on this one. Pass the word please.

Blogging will be light for the next 2 weeks or so. I'm heading out this coming week to the MilBlog Conference which should be an incredible event and very informative. Hopefully when I get back, life will have calmed down a bit and I might be able to put a few of those balls down for a few minutes. Maybe.


- hfs


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