If you're not part of the solution...

...you're part of the problem.

Drivers fill up to be $3-a-gallon gasoline

Yes, gas prices here are higher than the mainland and yes, gas prices are comparatively high across the nation. But, given the rate of inflation over the past 20-30 years, gas prices are lower than what they *should* be (if we were to compare adjusted-for-inflation 1970s gas prices with today's gas prices). AND the people that gripe over the fact that Hawai'i's gas prices are higher than just about everywhere else in the country...um, we live TWENTY-FIVE-HUNDRED-MILES from the mainland. At this point in time, we have not perfected the science of teleportation. Therefore the oil companies have to actually PAY to ship their product here. Fascinating concept, eh?

The ones that really drive me over the edge (it's not a long trip, I guarantee you) are the ones that drive gas-guzzlers and then gripe about the price of gas.

Troy Yach, general sales manager at CompUSA, moved his family from Hawai'i Kai to a new home on North King Street two weeks ago, specifically to reduce how much gas his 2001 Ford Expedition SUV sucks up each day.

You have to be kidding me. This guy is willing to uproot his household rather than buy a car that gets decent gas mileage?!? Idiot.

Priorities, people. Priorities.

I understand that some families are large and therefore need larger cars. But there are larger cars and even some SUVs out there that DO get decent gas mileage. The 2001 Ford Expedition is NOT one of them!

Yes, the price of gas these days is a bummer. But there are things that we, as consumers, can do to minimize the impact of gas prices on our daily lives. Sitting around with our thumbs in certain orifices doing nothing but bitching isn't one of them.


- hfs


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