The Sound of Silence

MacGyver was kind enough to "share" his cold with me. It hasn't hit me fully yet but it HAS hit my voice and it's fading FAST. I suspect it will be gone by tomorrow.

This is going to be fun. Try getting two strong-willed children to mind with NO voice. Good thing my kids know some basic sign language.

We have a line on another house. This one is a stone's throw from our current location and is coming available at the beginning of May. Which presents its own problems with MacGyver heading off to NTC soon. If we do decide to rent that house, I'm hoping I can round up enough help while he's gone to get moved before he gets back. Wouldn't THAT be a testament to the power of an independent military wife?!?

Still no definative word on WHEN MacGyver heads out for his training. Gotta love that. The lines of communication are, um, lacking right now. IF they push MacGyver's departure date back to next week, I might be able to send Little Man with HIM which would make the entire trip a LOT more bearable. We'll see. My track record with good luck isn't so great right now.

And I need to ask for some prayers and good thoughts right now. MacGyver's cousin was hit by a man driving a stolen car over the weekend while out jogging. She's in intensive care right now in a drug-induced coma with a head injury, 2 broken legs (one compound and one closed fracture), and assorted bruises and cuts. Her friend who was also hit is in even worse shape.

In addition to that, my daddy is in the hospital after having had a minor stroke (no lasting effects, thank GOD) and has also found out that the cancer he has is aggressive and will need surgery to treat it. He's going to be ok but it's still stressful for him and my mom who is also dealing with my Grama and HER health concerns as well as working full time. Nothing a winning lottery ticket won't fix.

And if anyone is well-versed in elder-care, I'd appreciate some help ferreting out assistance for my parents and Grama. Thanks!


- hfs


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